FW-GPA War Ends in Fire Victory

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – The Fire Warriors and Golden Penguin Army war concluded yesterday with the Fire Warriors claiming Oyster and declaring victory. What events led up to this swift win?

Just two days ago, the Fire Warriors declared war on the Golden Penguin Army. They highlighted their reasons in a website post, scheduling an invasion on GPA’s capital Oyster. While the Fire Warriors were confident that they would take GPA’s capital, Ronaldo stood his ground. He claimed that the Fire Warriors wouldn’t force treaty GPA, and prepared to rally his troops for the upcoming battle.

Despite all of this, the Golden Penguin Army skipped the defense entirely. The Fire Warriors took their capital server and created a force treaty for the opposing army. During the invasion they maxed 13, celebrating the victory in their discord server soon after.

Fire Warriors at the invasion of Oyster

Unfortunately for GPA, they’ve since been thrown into turmoil. They rebranded to the Night Guardians, and while they never gave any reasoning for it, some community members suspect that it was an attempt to escape the war. The rebrand turned out to be unsuccessful, and Ronaldo announced they’d be merging into the Elite Federals instead. Due to the merge, EF now has to follow the treaty made by the Fire Warriors.

Fire Warriors GPA treaty, click to enlarge

GPA merge announcement, click to enlarge

CP Army Network reached out to Sweater and Ronaldo to find out their thoughts on the end of the war.

Sweater: It was an extremely easy battle. Unfortunately I wasn’t there as I had to judge the mess that was Legends Cup today but I’m proud of the other leaders and soldiers that won the battle. Not much else to say, but I’ll use my platform to say that Ronaldo Vargas is a joke of an army leader and I think that Elite Federals are a pathetic army especially with him leading there now. As for future plans, I want to continue growing Fire Warriors and make a good run in the Challengers Cup II. 

Sweater and his army are certainly in good spirits after this war. While Ronaldo hasn’t provided a response yet, there’s no doubt that he has something planned for his new army.

Although it only lasted a day, this war was definitely packed with action and drama. There’s no doubt that both armies are gearing up for the Challengers Cup II, a small-/medium-army tournament hosted by CP Army Headquarters. Is this conflict really over? Could they face each other again?

What do YOU think? Will we be seeing Ronaldo under Fire Warriors watchful eye once more? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the CP Army Network Discord server!


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