Legends Cup XI: Semifinals Review

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – Just as the semifinals of the Legends Cup XI comes to a close, we are left with only two armies remaining. Which armies have progressed to the finals?

The Legends Cup XI is only one step away from finding its champion this year. As a result of round three, only 2 armies remain and are left to battle for the trophy in the finals next week. The competing armies in the semi-finals battled out in a chance to proceed to the fourth and final round, and we are about to discover who those lucky contestants are. You can check out the round two results here.

Rebel Penguin Federation vs Templars

The first battle that set placed on the 7th between the Templars and the Rebel Penguin Federation. This clash was mayhem, both of the armies did exceedingly well with humongous size counts. RPF entered quickly with a huge speed on entry, taking a big size advantage around 10 to 15 during all first 10 minutes. Templars movement was pretty swift, but couldn’t be compared to the coverage and clean forming from RPF in all three rooms. With the size advantage, rapidity in tactics, and massive bombing, RPF wins with a 3-0 against Templars.

Ice Warriors vs Help Force

This battle was a very interesting one, as it had to be postponed by nearly half an hour due to a mass kick from the server by game moderators, though the show must go on. Help Force started off greatly with a good size advantage and good room coverage, handing HF a solid first room victory. In the second room sizes were quite similar, as well as great forming from both sides, resulting in a tie between the two. For the final room the sizes were once again close, the pair shuddered the room with the massive big word bubbles, but there were moments where HF stole the show, making them able to secure the last room. Help Force’s great size advantage and tactical speed made them win with a 2-0-1 for the entire battle.

Massive congratulations to the Rebels and Helpers for proceeding to the finals of the Legends Cup XI! Both of the battles were a close bet, as we grow ever so closer to the finals with the intensity being stronger than ever, and we are only left with the best of the best. A lot of speculations are put around for who is winning as it is anyone’s game to win the last round! CP Army Network will keep you updated on who will come out victorious.

What are YOUR thoughts? Who do you think is gonna come out victorious, RPF or HF? Let us know what YOU think in our Discord server’s general chat!


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