Passing on the.. Hard Rock Guitar? BaileyBear Steps Down, BoMoBuddy Steps Up

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – In a sudden turn of events, the Red Ravagers witnessed a huge change in leadership with BaileyBear stepping down and BoMoBuddy taking her place. What’s next in store for the Ravagers, and what can we expect from BoMoBuddy’s leadership?

Honda and Max established the Red Ravagers on May 4th, 2020. The Ravagers have performed well in the Club Penguin Army community ever since their opening. This was the case until they went through a series of hardships which led the army to shut down. They eventually re-opened with a new brand, marking their comeback into the community. With this new beginning, they were able to commemorate their first anniversary and participate in tournaments such as the March Madness 2021 and the Legends Cup XI.

Red Ravagers’ first change in leadership occurred today, August 5th, when BaileyBear inducted BoMoBuddy as leader. BoMoBuddy was recruited to the Red Ravagers on December 19, 2020. She quickly made her way up the ranks by being a friendly face in the chat and actively recruiting. This attitude earned her Ravager of the Week, got her hired into the staff team and then promoted to High Command just 6 months after her arrival. Turning her performance up a notch, BoMoBuddy displayed her leadership skills and immense passion for the army. All of these granted her the massive promotion to Red Ravagers leader.

BaileyBear inducting BoMoBuddy into Red Ravager’s leadership and giving BoMoBuddy high praises

Just minutes following BoMoBuddy’s promotion, BaileyBear dropped the news of her retirement from the Red Ravagers. She released the post ‘Bear With Me: ByeBye BaileyBear‘ in which her departure was announced along with some words of gratitude. BaileyBear has been in the CPA community since May 2020, initially enlisting in the Dark Bandits. It was in this army where she found the people who recruited her into the Ravagers. Together, they were able to restore Red Ravagers back to its former glory.

BaileyBear announcing her retirement from the Red Ravagers leadership

We interviewed both BoMoBuddy and BaileyBear to shed some light on the new, opposite paths they’re about to take.


How do you feel about your promotion?

BoMoBuddy: I am super excited to see what all RR’s future holds, and where I can take the army. I’m not going to sugarcoat it, we’ve been in quite a pickle for awhile now, but you know what they say? Once you’ve hit rock bottom, there’s only one way to go from there, and that’s up!

What are your future plans and goals for Red Ravagers?

BoMoBuddy: I know this is a long time ahead, but my one and only goal since i became a mod for RR was to see us become a major army one day. It will take a lot of work, but we can do it. We are the Red Ravagers, we don’t give up.

Do you feel any pressure to follow former leaders’ footsteps?

BoMoBuddy: Well, yes. I have adored every one of RR’s leaders ever since I first joined the server, and now I am the one that everyone else is looking up to. I’m the gate between the success and failure of the army. The old leaders saw RR having a successful future without them in it when they retired, and I have to fulfill their vision. I don’t think another day is going to pass where I don’t try my absolute hardest to live up to their visions.


What was the main reason for your departure from the Red Ravagers leadership?

BaileyBear: My reason:

  • I need to get my real life together finally as I’ve been trying to retire for over a year. /lh
  • I want to get a job and my license. Maybe even potentially go back to college.

You mentioned you only planned to help out in Red Ravagers for a few weeks. What made you stay?

BaileyBear: I fell in love with the people and the army. I would literally spend hours working on plans for RR instead of working on school work.

After your retirement, how do you think the Red Ravagers will hold up?

BaileyBear: They will do great! My newly appointed leader, Bo, is amazing and she has the best back up team in her hcom, Jug and Tea!

Thank you for your time! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

BaileyBear: Might see me again soon in a different uniform e7

We would like to congratulate BoMoBuddy on her leader promotion, and wish BaileyBear the best of luck on her retirement! People come and go, so all we can do is keep their legacy going. We’re looking forward to seeing how this change in leadership will affect Red Ravagers! Stay tuned to Club Penguin Army Network for updates!

What do YOU think? Will the Red Ravagers prosper under their new leader? Or will they crumble after the loss of a good commander? Let us know in our Discord server’s general chat!


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