Flexing to First: LEGOMAN Army Returns

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – Within the past few days, the Legoman Army have reopened their doors. What was the reason for their revival? What do they plan to accomplish?

Established on July 28th, 2020, the Legoman Army HOORAH has been a notable force within the community for some time. Throughout their first generation, the army kept growing stronger, especially under the leadership of Legoman, creator of the Legoman Army HOORAH. It’s still uncertain when the army originally shut down, however, defacement of the server occurred, marking the end of an era.

Legoman Army’s first event, reaching sizes of 20+

Legoman was first introduced to the community on March 16th, 2020, after being recruited by the Dark Warriors. While he remained inactive, he eventually joined the Ice Warriors, yet would soon depart to join other armies. Over the past year, Legoman has led a variety of armies such as the Crystal Cowboys, and most recently, the Special Weapons and Tactics. After leaving SWAT, Legoman has since decided to revive the Legoman Army.

On August 4th, the Legoman Army HOORAH hosted a revival event. This event was unscheduled, yet had 11 penguins log on and support the newly revived army. The army plans to go on to compete in CP Army Headquarters’ Challengers Cup 2.

LEGOMAN Army’s revival event, seeing sizes of 11+

The CP Army Network reached out to Legoman about the current revival of the Legoman Army and what his ambitions are with this project.

What was the reason to revive Legoman Army HOO RAH?

Spontaneous impulses and poor judgment.

Weren’t you recently a SWAT leader? Why aren’t you leading anymore?

Good question.

Are there any future plans for the Legoman Army?

Sorry I was breaking the record for single-arm kettlebell overhead squats within a five-minute time span. My plans would be to obtain the coveted colored army role in CPAN. That’s pretty much it.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I can’t believe Stare3000 picked white knight in Castle Crashers. HOO RAH!

Legoman surely seems excited and ready for the next generation of the Legoman Army. While the army’s plans are within reachable distance, they’re only temporary, as the community waits to see what’s next. Will this revival be as successful as the first generation?

What do YOU think? Will the Legoman Army flourish similarly to their first generation? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the CPAN Discord!


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