People’s Imperial Confederation Declare War on Post Malone Army

Beanie, People’s Imperial Confederation Capital- People’s Imperial Confederation announced yesterday that they were declaring war on Post Malone Army.

In their post, PIC stated that they had decided to go to war because of alleged name-calling from members of the Golden Troops’ leadership in the Project Conquest group chat.

PIC’s war terms

Before Project Conquest, the People’s Imperial Confederation [PIC] were allies with Golden Troops. However, relations began to deteriorate over a misunderstanding about a member of Golden Troops who was banned from PIC’s server. Further tensions arose when Golden Troops won a battle against Project Conquest against PIC, but Golden Troops had an unfair advantage because of Templars raiding the battle. Golden Troops refused PIC’s request for a rematch, and after further arguments, Golden Troops called off the alliance. In retaliation, PIC decided to declare war. Instead of going to war with Golden Troops, PIC decided to go to war with Post-Malone Army, a Golden Troop colony led by TheMightyA.

To find out more about why the war started, CPAHQ reached out to Shallissa for an interview:

In your view, what happened in the Project Conquest group chat that led to the war?

Well, it all started when PIC leadership was made aware of the reasons behind Will/Noka’s ban from ACP. We were sent an old post that contained some inappropriate screenshots from Will/Noka’s encounter with a minor which made us feel very uncomfortable having him in our server around children and teens. Others were very angry at our leadership allowing Noka to remain in our server and were wanting to take action against us. We explained the situation to GT leadership who seemed perfectly okay with his ban from our server, so we banned him.

Going into Project: Conquest, things seemed tense, but we were excited to compete and have fun with our allies. You probably remember the Templars raid of the GT and PIC battle, that’s where things got bad for our alliance. After a group chat full of offline leaders and miscommunication, we asked to redo the battle and were met with aggression and name calling from GT. At one point, Mighty got mad and called me a dumbass.

A week later, we were sent a giant paragraph in our alliance group chat by GT leadership who accused us of lying about our reasons for banning Noka/Will and some other bs I don’t remember. They announced they were ending the alliance.

Throughout that conversation they remained aggressive while I was trying to de-escalate and just talk to them about everything. Instead of trying to understand things from our POV they were convinced that we hate Will and have had it out for him since day 1. There was no getting through to them and after the way they had treated us we were more than happy to end the alliance. They removed us from the groupchat after several mean messages and we hadn’t spoken to them since until today.”

How do you think this war will end?

I think this war will definitely end in a PIC victory against Post Malone Army and a Smart Penguins win against Golden Troops. But I hope that this war sheds light on Golden Troops and the type of things they are able to defend and willingly welcome into their army. I don’t think the GT leaders are bad people but they have been blind to Will/Noka’s actions and that comes with consequences. They were willing to end our alliance and make us villains simply because we didn’t see the same “changed person” they seem to see. I don’t see how that’s our fault, or anyone else’s fault.”

Is there anything you would like to add?

CPAHQ attempted to reach out to TheMightyA for a statement but we have yet to receive a response at this time.

It seems that PIC is trying to get revenge on GT’s leadership by trying a different approach. Both armies have support from allies making this a war different to others.

What do YOU think? Which army do you think will win? Are PIC’s actions justified? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Da Best
CP Army Headquarters – Reporter


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