War Frenzy: People’s Imperial Confederation and Smart Penguins Declare War on Post Malone Army and Golden Troops

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – Succeeding a short period of harmony, tensions have escalated once again in the army community. People’s Imperial Confederation have declared war on Post Malone Army and Smart Penguins have announced a war against the Golden Troops. What exactly led to these two wars?

On July 30th, both the Smart Penguins and People’s Imperial Confederation declared war on the Golden Troops and Post Malone Army respectively. The reasons for both wars are pretty similar, primarily insults that were exchanged between Golden Troops and People’s Imperial Confederation in their old alliance group chat. The reason for Smart Penguins and Post Malone Army being involved are that Smart Penguins are brother allies to the Confederation and Post Malone Army are essentially a proxy army for Golden Troops.

Both declarations were written and published simultaneously and contain essentially identical war terms. However, just five minutes after the terms were released to the public, the Golden Troops and Post Malone Army attempted to breach them by transferring their servers to Special Weapons & Tactics. They didn’t go through, though, as Club Penguin Army Network deemed the transfers invalid, per the terms of war.

To find out a little more information regarding the upcoming wars, Club Penguin Army Network reached out to both Superhero123 and Shallissa for an official statement.

Superhero123, Smart Penguins Leader

We were bored and want fun and servers. Honestly there is no better reason to declare war than that. CPA is about fighting wars in our eyes.

Shallissa, People’s Imperial Confederation Advisor

We wanted to declare war on Post Malone army as a result of the way our alliance ended with GT and to further expand on the CPAN map. To my knowledge, the main reason our alliance ended was because we banned Will/Noka from our server a few weeks prior to the conflict. After hearing some details behind Will/Noka’s ban from ACP a few years ago, we were uncomfortable having him in our server around our troops. Along with this many of our troops who heard what he did expressed discomfort being around him and our army as a whole was getting in some hot water from members of the community who were angry to see Will in our server. We felt it was best for our troops and army to ban him and GT initially seemed super understanding and okay with it. After the Templars raid of the PIC vs GT Project: Conquest battle things became super tense due to miscommunication and disagreements over the status of the battle and a possible rematch. Things escalated quickly with Mighty calling me names and lots of aggressive talk from GT leadership. Against our better judgement we chose to not end the alliance right then and there because we didn’t want drama. Just a week later we got a huge DM from GT in our alliance groupchat stating that they think we lied about why we banned Will/Noka and that they want to end the alliance. From what I talked about with them in that group chat they seemed to be ending the alliance mostly because of Will’s ban. I hope this war will settle a lot of the tension the end to our alliance created. I also hope that this war will shed some light onto what kind of people GT are: they were willing to end an alliance , treat us aggressively, and call us names all to defend someone who behaved very inappropriately towards a minor. At the end of the day, their defense towards Will/Noka is why the alliance ended and why we are at war: so I hope I’m not the only one who sees red flags as far at GT is concerned.

As we can see, Smart Penguins wanted their war mostly for fun, while the Confederation wanted this war because of issues arising over an individual in Golden Troops, Noka. Noka has quite a few allegations placed against him that CP Army Network will not be going into, but you can get the gist. As well as this, Shallissa explains that after the PIC vs GT battle in Project: Conquest, one of the Golden Troops leaders took an aggressive stance against PIC and it’s leaders.

Golden Troops and Post Malone Army have yet to release any form of statement regarding the war or their defense, be it through their website or Discord. To find out their thoughts, we reached out to TheMightyA for a statement, as he leads both Golden Troops and Post Malone Army.

TheMightyA, Golden Troops Leader and Post Malone Army Creator

Honestly I’m more excited about this than I should be. I feel like dragging PMA or SP into this was just unnecessary, but sure I guess they just want lots of servers, since GT and PMA combined is like 30 servers. We will claim victory by recruiting hard and finding ways to make sure this war dont go on for 3 months lmfao, I don’t want another SWAT WV war and we have 30 servers so its probably gonna go longer. But anything for victory. Bring it on PIC. Bring it on SP.

From Mighty’s response, we can see that he’s pretty confident about Golden Troops and Post Malone Army taking on Smart Penguins and People Imperial’s Confederation. An interesting point to consider is the combined server count of just Golden Troops and Post Malone Army because if we see this war go all the way then we could be here for quite a long time – possibly over a month.

Overall, it’s safe to say that all four armies are ready to put up a good fight, and the rest of the community is looking forward to seeing how the war escalates. As the battles are imminent, CP Army Network will be tracking every noteworthy development so you don’t miss out on any detail concerning these wars!

What do YOU think? Who will emerge victorious? Leave YOUR thoughts in the CPAN Discord!


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