Time-othée To Go: Max Steps Down from ACP Leadership

MAMMOTH, ACP Historic Capital – After two months of leadership, ACP Commander in Chief Max has made the decision to take his final bow. What led to this decision and what does this mean for the Army of Club Penguin?

Max is a well-known figure in the army community, with a decade of memories already behind him. This includes many armies, such as Pirates, Nachos, Water Vikings, Doritos, Golden Troops, most recently, and most importantly the Army of Club Penguin.

Max joined the Army of Club Penguin in November 2019. In his lengthy career as a clover, he first gained experience as the UK division leader, helping the army flourish and rise to new heights in the Top Ten. He reached leadership on June 1st, 2021, becoming the 46th Commander alongside Cubster.

Army of CP in a recent battle against the Water Vikings

With only two months of leadership, it came as a shock to the whole community for Max to step down in a post titled “Nothing lasts forever, all we have is what’s in between hello and goodbye.” In his post, he explains that “it really is time for [him] to bite the bullet and bow out from [his] position as ACP leader”, mentioning that each day has been filled with excitement and pride in both his army and community efforts.

Screengrab from the Community Pride Parade, organized by Max

CPAN reached out to Max to find out more about his decision. Might there be a possibility of a return?

What led to your decision of retirement from ACP leadership?

Max: I think leaving something you love is the hardest thing, far harder than staying. For me, it was the natural ending to my story, the final chapter in my book. It was just my time to bite the bullet and move on.

How would the Army of Club Penguin manage after your retirement?

Max: The ACP is an army where no individual is above or more important than the community and what it stands for so it will be more than fine. The team there are awesome, so I have no doubt they will continue to flourish.

Is there a possibility for you to return?

Max: Nothing lasts forever. Forever is a lie. All we have is what’s in between hello and goodbye. The memories, friendships and experiences – good or bad.

Thank you for your time, Max, is there anything else you would like to further add on?

Max: If anyone tells you this community is a waste of time, ignore them. We’re all here for a reason, and that’s to find a place that we belong. The memories we form will stay with us and the people we meet will impact us for the better. Take everything you can from these experiences and never look back. With love, Max (:

Max doesn’t mention a comeback, although he doesn’t deny it either. He is certain that ACP will keep flourishing as well, even with his absence. We wish Max the best of luck in his future path, grazie e ci vediamo!

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