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KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters-  The Spartans of Club Penguin have just announced their shutdown. What led to this decision of closing down the army? Read on more down below to find out!

The Spartans’ Club Penguin division was founded by MaximeT9 and Mustpha10x on June 1st, 2021. On that day, they held an opening event with a max of 30 penguins that showed up for their grand opening. Within a month and a half, they have done a few battles and had some training events as well. On July 23rd they announced within their server they would be shutting down the Club Penguin Division of the server due to not having  enough time to maintain the responsibilities of leading an army.

Maxime announcing the shut down of the Spartans Club Penguin division

The Spartans originally started as a gaming server focusing on games such as Minecraft and Roblox, but thought of incorporating some Club Penguin into it as well since it was a Gaming server.  Upon this formation, Lord Pain and Roberto joined the leadership.  Ultimately, their activity dwindled as time went on.  The army hasn’t placed in two straight Top Tens.

Spartans grand opening event with a max of 30.


CP Army Headquarters had the opportunity to speak with MaximeT9 about the shutdown of Spartans.

Why did you guys decide to announce the shutdown of Spartans?

I retired a few weeks/months ago as I was going to be partying all summer. In addition, I will be studying veterinary medicine this fall, and therefore both Mustapha and I knew I wouldn’t be back after summer. Recently, Musta as well as other admins realized that they’re going to be too busy with their work and/or studies, and as a result won’t be able to devote enough time to maintain a CP Army. Upon discussing this matter, Mustapha and I agreed that it would be best to discontinue our CPA division since it requires a huge amount of time and energy that we’re unable to bring to the table.

Do you have any favorite memories within the army?

I hadn’t been involved in Club Penguin Armies for over a year before the Spartans CP Division, so the adrenaline I felt in the first event was very special and satisfying. To be honest, though, I got more joy out of helping create the whole thing, as this is what I am always good at. I am more of the technical/design/ideas guy, Musta had always been the true leader of Spartans.

Do you think the Spartans will ever make a comeback?

Currently, we plan to go back to being the gaming server that we were before opening the CPA division. Considering everything that is currently going on in both mine and Musta’s life (all the responsibilities etc), I believe it would be hard to ever make a comeback anytime soon. However, because CP armies have been and will always be in our hearts, you never know. Besides, we didn’t get to achieve what we were planning to yet, so that could perhaps be an incentive to come back.

Is there something else you would like to say?

If we don’t ever come back, I’d be really happy to see another army achieve what we wanted to achieve. We didn’t open the CP Division for no reason; we were seeing what was happening in the community and we wanted to make a change, we don’t like the puffle parties, the pride parades, the proms, and all these new things. It’s so pathetic that CPAHQ had to force armies fight each other (e.g with Project Conquest) as they wouldn’t do it themselves. We believe armies only exist for one thing: war. We saw the community that once was our childhood get destroyed, and we wanted to make it great again.

Lastly, I would like to say that we wouldn’t even have a shot in the community if it wasn’t for the incredible values that we built in our server as well as the people themselves. Seeing our old army’s values (DCP) get completely vanished by the new leadership, I believe that both mine and Musta’s biggest satisfaction came from seeing the qualities and ideals we value flourish in our server; and it shall continue being this way, just not within the CPA community.

It seems that the Spartans might come back in the future to fulfill achievements that they weren’t able to do. For the time being, they will revert back to their gaming community.  This closure is troublesome for those looking forward to Legends Cup XI.  The tournament already had two byes, but now it seems likely that the Fire Warriors will also receive a bye, with no Spartans to battle.

What do you think? Will Spartans will come back to the community? What’s next for the legends involved in the army? Let us know in the comments below!


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