Water Vikings Reopen Under New Leadership

Frostbite: Water Vikings Capital – Just a few short weeks since the Water Vikings announced that they will be closing down, they recently announced that they will be reopening with new and old leaders alike. What led to their reopening?

The Water Vikings were founded in 2010 by Zakster and Jed Pen and have been known since their founding as one of the most pristine and elite armies that this community has ever seen. Whether it be their notable figures to come out of the army, or the incredible sizes they have showcased during the CPPS Era, they have been an army to be reckoned with.

More recently, however, on June 24th of this year, they announced that they will be closing their doors for the time being and they immediately went to work establishing a new leadership team to help lead the army to the great success we had once seen.

With the outgoing leaders of Misty and Oreo, it was time for the High Council of Vikings to name their new leaders. After long talks, the council decided to go with three Viking Veterans who once showed great faith and promise to the army, and these individuals were selected to hopefully bring forth the values bestowed upon them to lead the Vikings to their former glory. The three individuals that were selected by the HCOV were Aaron, Revan, and Manu. Later on, these three individuals brought in former Ice Warriors leader, Shinde, into the fold of the newly established leadership team.

CP Army Headquarters had the opportunity to speak with Shinde, the most recent leader installed into their leadership team.

Why did you decide to join the Water Vikings Leadership Team?

In the last year – when I led IW – I was really close with Water Vikings and enjoyed the environment. So when my friend asked me if I would like to help and lead with him and others, I just said ‘yes’ since I knew we will make a great team.

What are you looking forward to most in this next chapter in your army career?

Mostly for fun. CPA community and armies should be just for fun, not drama.

What are you hoping you and your leadership team can accomplish this generation?

I would like to see Water Vikings as a friendly community that you can trust. But reaching into top 5 armies would be also so cool.

Are there any big plans you all have for this generation?

Good leader never gives away their plans for future :wink:

The Vikings officially revived on Saturday, July 17th by hosting their revival event. They were able to max an impressive 40 troops.

Water Vikings Revival Event

With this new generation officially commencing, it will be interesting to see how the Vikings will build following their previous generation. With the summer just pushing past the halfway mark, there is still plenty of time for the Vikings to show their dominance just like they did last summer and towards the end of last year.

What do YOU think? How will the Water Vikings do in this generation? Does this generation of leaders have what it takes to lead the Vikings to dominance? Be sure to let us know by leaving your comments down below!


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