Top Ten Armies [7/11/21 – 7/17/21]

SNOW STORM, CPAN’s TT Office – Though armies continue to come and go, many fight to hold onto their position on the Top Ten. Read below to find out this week’s Top 10 Armies!

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] (75.73)

2. Ice Warriors [+0] (72.38)

3. Help Force [+0] (67.26)

4. Army of Club Penguin [+1] (62.31)

5. Templars [-1] (60.25)

6. Silver Empire [+1] (43.67)

7. Special Weapons and Tactics [-1] (43.8)

8. Water Vikings [RETURN] (42.5)

9. Fire Warriors [-1] (31.75)

10. Smart Penguins [+0] (29.12)

—- Close to Top 10 —-

11. Secret Service [+1] (22)

12. Thunderstruck [+5] (21)

13Sea Serpents [+3] (20.5)

14. Golden Troops [-3] (19.2)

15. Red Ravagers [-1] (18.5)

16. Post Malone Army [-3] (17.0)

17. Bees [RETURN] (12.6)

18. Underground Mafias Army [NEW] (12.5)

19. Crimson Guardians [-1] (10.5)

20. People’s Imperial Confederation [-5] (10.0)

21. Blue Ravagers [RETURN] (5.0)

22. Medieval Warriors [-1] (2.0)¹

To view the calculations, please click here.

¹The Medieval Warriors have received a reduction for multilogging.

Disclaimer: Summaries are based on armies’ own reports, whereas size points are based on recounted pictures.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation held a total of 9 events this week. To start their week on Sunday, the RPF held an EU/US Operation Across The Ages, maxing 53. On Tuesday, the Rebel Penguin Federation held an Ausia Operation Dance Dance Revolution, maxing a total of 34 rebels. Continuing their weekly events on Wednesday, the RPF held a US Operation Be Yourself and managed to max 47 and, later that day, held an EU Operation Stay Hydrated event, maxing 43. On Thursday, the Rebel Penguin Federation held an Ausia Operation “What’s Kraken?” event, maxing a total of 32 rebels online. That same day, the Rebels also held an EU Operation Musical M.O.A.B., maxing 41. On Friday, the RPF held an EU/US Operation Shake The Room event in celebration of the 1 year anniversary of BIA, managing to max a total of 39 rebels online. To end their strong week of events, on Saturday, the Rebel Penguin Federation hosted a total of 2 events. The first event of the day was an Ausia Operation Bandana event in which they maxed 34. Lastly, to conclude their weekly events, the Rebels held an Operation Party In My Iggy event and managed to max a total of 40.

2. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors hosted a total of six events this week. To kick off their week, the warriors held a mining themed event, with 39 miners in attendance. This would be followed up with a friendly battle against the Smart Penguins with 47 attending. A Summer pool party was soon thrown, with 32 attending the party. Another practice battle took place, this time against the Red Ravagers with 34 attending. The Ice Warriors then took part in a one year celebration of the Black Ice Alliance’s creation, hosting 46. To end the week, the warriors faced off against the Help Force, with 37 attending the battle.

3. Help ForceThe Help Force held a total of five events this week. First off, 37 helpers attended the invasion Cold Front, which they claimed effortlessly. They then held an AUSIA “Simon Says” U-Lead, which saw a peak of 41. Invading the server Crunch maxed at 35, and 40 troops battled against the Smart Penguins the following day. Their final event of the week, a battle against the Ice Warriors was attended by 45 helpers.

4. Army of Club PenguinThe Army of Club Penguin held 9 events this week. They began on Monday with an EU/AUSIA practice battle against Help Force’s training division, reaching a max of 28. The same day, they held a US mining event, while hitting a max of 24. The next day, the clovers had an EU practice battle with the Fire Warriors, while maxing 33. On Wednesday, they held an AUSIA event where they dressed up as Aunt Arctic, and had 30 troops in attendance. Later that day, they had an EU Loki event, and reached a max of 37. The following day, they had an AUSIA band event, where they had 25 clover defenders in attendance. On Friday, they had an EU/AUSIA scavenger hunt event, with 40 troops in attendance. Later, they had a US Hawaiian party, reaching a max of 33. To finish off their week on Saturday, they had an EU/US practice battle with the Smart Penguins, and hit a max of 28.

5. Templars: The Templars of CP had a very busy week of battling for land, due to the war that took place. To begin with, they battled in an early AUSIA battle, in which they maxed 26 penguins. The following day two more invasions took place, during AUSIA and US hours, in which they maxed 31 and 40, respectfully. Another invasion took place the following day where they maxed 37 penguins. On Wednesday, they invaded two more pieces of land, in which in their AUSIA battle they maxed 20 and in their EU battle, maxed 35. On Thursday, they maxed 40+ penguins, marking it the highest max of their week for another invasion. They concluded the week with two more invasions on Friday. During their AUSIA battle, they maxed 26 penguins, while in their EU battle, they maxed 37 in total.

6. Silver Empire: The Silver Empire held a total of 6 events this week.  They kicked off their week strong, with a successful invasion of Snow Plow that turned into a hide n seek game with 24 members attending.  The following day, their EU division geared up with instruments for a band takeover event after successfully invading Flurry.  That same day the Silvers added Winter Land to their list of territories in a rock-out takeover event.  They maxed 21 in both invasions.  On Wednesday, 21 members logged on for a dance tournament to celebrate the success of Draft Chills invasion with Dangfgamer dominating the dance floor.  Hailstone was conquered Friday, followed by a fashion show with 25 Silvers attending.  To finish off their week, Silver Empire successfully invaded Frozen Horizon and held an Aqua Grabber tournament that saw a max of 19 and SoyMilk coming on top.

7. Special Weapons and TacticsThe army of Special Weapons and Tactics had a busy week with a total of 6 events. They began by invading Templars’ land, the server of Ice Cold, maxing 22 troops. The following day, they peaked at 36 in a battle with the Templars for the land of Ice Box. SWAT’s next event saw them max 22 penguins in yet another battle with the Templars where they conquered Ice Shelf. Later, they had a battle with Templars with a max of 20. Their next event was an AUSIA battle against the Templars in which they maxed 17. Finally, the army ended their week with a “Murder Mystery” event with 20 members online.

8. Water VikingsThe Water Vikings made their grand return this week, hosting their 1 re-opening event. The Invasion of Polar had them max a solid 37 penguins.

9. Fire WarriorsThe Fire Warriors held a total of 4 events this week. They started out the week with an invasion of Snowshoe and a fishing competition which maxed a total of 17 Warriors. Next up they took on ACP while invading Cloudy, where they maxed 13. The Warriors then saw 12 log on for an Invasion of Flippers. To end the week they held a Practice Battle with Smart Penguins while they added Grasshopper to their land with a max of 17.

10. Smart Penguins: The Smart Penguins held 5 complex events this week. First was an invasion of Glacier Canal, dance contest, and battle against IW, where they maxed 12. They followed this with an invasion of Blizzard Hills and a practice battle against HF, which had a max of 14. Then, another 14 of their troops battled FW. Continuing with their activity in the army scene, they invaded Frigid Waters with 6 troops in attendance. Finally, they battled ACP and played Hide and Seek with 8 of their members.

Though ACP has returned to its 4th place spot, Templars remains hot on its heels to enter the “Big Four.” WV also returned this week with an ambition to make it to the top! Additionally, despite reaching major army status last week, the Spartans opted not to host any events – could that be the last we see from them? It’ll be interesting to see how these armies fare going forward, so stay tuned for next week’s Top 10.

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