[SATIRE] CP Army Network Top Ten DEFACED?

SNOWSTORM, CP Army Network Headquarters- Another week, another amazing Top Ten post by the Top Ten Committee, but something happened to it last week, it seems to have been defaced?! What did the Top Ten Committee do? Read to find out.

Satire warning! This post is just for fun!

It was a normal Sunday morning with the Top Ten Committee, as they got ready to write their top ten bios. They noticed something suspicious in the drafts. It looked as though someone had hacked and defaced the page. Under the RPF bio seemed to be a page of unintelligible text, including a picture of Perry The Platypus. Could he be the one behind the defacing of the Top Ten post? Judge for yourself by looking at the pictures below.

Chaos in the TT Committee chat

An anonymous platypus? Could it be Perry?

Yes, an anonymous platypus had hacked itself to the Top Ten draft… He didn’t stop there and went on to DEFACE the entire RPF bio AND the Top Ten post! Viewer discretion is advised… Perry went all out.

VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED: An overview of Perry’s alleged work, click to enlarge

Perry sneaking into the Top Ten post

The CP Army Network reached out to the witnesses and victims of the deface. Let’s see what they had to say.

Witness testimonies

CPAN: Do you wish to comment on the allegations of the Top Ten Committee defacing the Top Ten?

I will have to say that the Top Ten Committee of the Club Penguin Army Network is of the utomst professionalism and no kind of defacing has been happening!!! With that being said, everyone pray to our lord and saviour, perry the platypus – Link3000, Top Ten Committee Member

Link this u?

There is certainly no tomfoolery occurring within the Top Ten committee, most outrageous accusations! Of course, and curse you perry the platypus! – z3ming, Top Ten Committee Member

Are you sure you had nothing to do with it?

Yes, and actually, I am going to address to Perry the Platypus as I believe he is responsible for this defacement. HOW DARE YOU COME FROM MY JOB. You cannot even count the number of times you defeated Dr. Doofenshmirtz, what makes you think you can count penguins on an iceberg? You first hacked into my WordPress account to add your name into the signature into the TT post and then wrote a bunch of random nonsense in the top 10 documents. HOW DARE YOU. You overthrow Top 10? I will overthrow your secret base. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. – DrQueen, Top Ten Committee Head

It seems like we know what Perry is up to, defacing the Top Ten post, doubling as a secret agent, and a Top Ten Committee member, but one that seemed to have defaced the rough drafts. F6sixer has been notified, and security on the CPAN website has been updated accordingly. What’s next from this semi-aquatic egg-laying mammal of action? 

Will the Top Tens posts stay safe after this, what do YOU think, tell us YOUR thoughts in the CPAN Discord server!


CP Army Network Reporter


CP Army Network Reporter

Hah. Got you all fooled, didn’t we. You really thought it was Perry… Ha!

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