The Next Leader: Where Are They Now? Nell from HF

Snow Storm, Midnight Coffee Bar โ€“ Seven months have passed, and the Third in Command is now sitting comfortably in the leaders’ seat. This week, we catch up with Help Force Commander Nell!

For approximately four months, the Help Force has been flourishing under the leadership of their newest Commander, Nell. She only joined the army community in early 2020 and is one of the few, who has only been in only one army for their whole career.

With record-time, Nell ranked up to Staff within the Force, and by summer, she had already earned a spot on the Hall of Fame. It was then no surprise that by the end of summer, Nell was already next in line to leadership, whilst leading the army’s EU division.

Since our last interview, Nell kept on working hard towards her spot in leadership. Her contributions in various community tournaments did not go unnoticed, which earned her a promotion to Second in Command.

In mid-March, Nell joined the ranks of leadership and has led the army to new heights. Not only have the Helpers raised their sizes immensely, but they have also overtaken many armies on the Top Ten. Under this newest generation of leadership, the #1 spot is always within hand’s reach for the blue army.

A recent Help Force event, maxing nearly 50 troops online

CP Army Network reached out to Nell for an interview. How has leading the Helpers changed her perspectives?


Hey Nell, great to have you back on The Next Leader! Congrats on making it to leader in the meanwhile! What have you and the Helpers been up to?

Hey! :blush: Thank you ! We have been really busy during the last few weeks with getting more and more people active in the server

Sounds tiring, but certainly fun! You’ve now led the army for roughly 4 months, what has been your favorite part so far?

The battles and the tournaments for sure. I’m looking forward to more of them soon

Have there been any battles in particular that stuck out? If so, how?

The one between Help Force and Ice Warriors during the March Madness tourney xD It was extremely challenging. How can I forget that

Ah, that was a battle for the history books… Half a year ago, you emphasized the importance of a tight-knit community, have your views changed from then on? Might there be anything else you prioritize instead?

That’s still one of my number one priorities. Without a tight and dedicated community, there can’t be much evolvement. We work on that every day and it pays off, as you can see from our TT results from the past weeks

Besides community building, do you have any other future plans for HF? Do you have anything that you wish to build as your legacy?

One of my main objectives is to make the server and the members feel more like a family so they know they are not alone, they have friends and people who care about them. I’m just focusing on the evolvement of the army right now, and enlarging our duck gang :wheeze:

Thank you Nell for your interview! I wish you and the Help Force all the best! Do you have anything to add?

Thank you for this opportunity! Eat broccoli and wash your hands, people!

Nell has shown immense growth in the past few months and excels at leading the Helpers to new heights. With conquering the highest spots on the Top Ten, what’s next? Is a shiny Tournament Cup within reach?

What do YOU think? What’s next for the Help Force under Nell’s leadership? Let us know your thoughts in the CPAN Discord server!

๐ŸŒˆ Kally

CPA Network Editor

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