Back in the Bag: Doritos Announce Their Sudden Closure

Summit, Doritos Empire – In a shocking turn of events, the Doritos have announced that they will be closing and returning to the gaming server they were prior to their revival. What led to this sudden announcement?

The Doritos were founded in 2010 by Wwebestfan and have been known as one of the most pristine and competitive armies that the community has ever seen. Amongst their laundry list of accomplishments, some of their most notable being the war they had against the Ice Warriors in 2020. During this war, they were able to max incredible sizes. They also have had several members that have been inducted as CP Army Legends which include 32opMustapha10, and ToySoldier.

More recently, they took part in Project: Conquest and were able to come out in third place, capturing 11 servers in our month-long tournament. Just following the conclusion of the tournament, a member of their High Command, Mythic, announced that they will be closing the army and converting their Discord Server into a gaming server.


Mythic Announcing that DCP Will be Closing

CP Army Headquarters had the opportunity to speak with one of their leaders, Rah, and gather her thoughts on their sudden closure.

Why did DCP decide to shut down?

Well it was a decision me and HCOM had for a awhile. We believed it was time to let DCP rest and focus on new opportunities

What kind of new opportunities? Would you mind elaborating?

A lot of troops are into other popular games such as Minecraft, Valorant, etc. So we’ll be continuing our efforts to revamp and provide activities our troops will enjoy playing

What was your favorite memory from this last generation?

Most definitely placing 3rd for Project Conquest. It was the most fun we had in awhile in the community.

Do you think that DCP will ever return to the Club Penguin Community?

There’s always a chance for a return. For now, we’d like to take the time to let the CP division rest and revamp to have a better-established community.

Despite the fact that DCP will no longer be a Club Penguin Army, it is clear that their current leadership feels as if they are confident for the future of their community. Perhaps one day they will return to the Club Penguin Army Community with a new generation of troops who are ready to compete at the highest level that the Doritos have established in previous generations.

What do YOU think? Do you think that the Doritos will return for a new generation within the CPA community? How do you think their efforts of converting their server back into a gaming server will fare? Be sure to let us know YOUR thoughts by leaving a comment down below! 


CP Army Headquarters – Editor in Chief

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  1. Poke (retired DCP 4ic before the shut down) July 6, 2021 (12:07 am)

    We’ll miss you DCP. Thx for all the fun memories this past year.

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