The Castle Falls: Medieval Warriors Announce Closure Following Leader’s Retirement

ICE CUBE, Medieval Warriors Capital – Only one month after their initial debut, the Medieval Warriors announced its closure following the retirement of sole leader, Ronaldo Vargas. Why did Ronaldo retire? Why did the Medieval Warriors shut down?

Ronaldo Vargas has been throughout most parts of the community since he first joined back in January 2020. He initially joined the Dark Warriors when he entered the community, yet wouldn’t stay there long. A few months after joining, he created and led the Fire Ninjas until their shut down and merge in November 2020. Following the merge, Ronaldo started his army hopping campaign; with stays in the Army of Club Penguin and the Ice Warriorsplus more. He settled back down with the creation of the Medieval Warriors in June 2021.

Fire Ninjas Event with Highest Max of 10

The Medieval Warriors initially debuted on June 12th, 2021, maxing 5 in their first event. This would be one of their highest without incident. Among their conflict against the Sea Serpents, leader TastyPhantom multilogged multiple penguins, unfortunately losing the war.

Medieval Warriors hitting sizes of 5+ in their opening event.

On July 4th, an announcement was made regarding the future of the Medieval Warriors. Within the announcement, Ronaldo announced his retirement, along with the army’s closure. He stated that the army’s shutdown was due to the lack of leaders and that no one would be left to lead the army upon his retirement.

The announcement detailing Medieval Warriors’ closure & Ronaldo’s retirement


The CP Army Network was able to reach out the Ronaldo Vargas about his retirement and the army’s closure.

Interview Section

Why did you decide to retire from the Medieval Warriors?

I retired because I got bored of CPA and I had too much pressure from Midnight telling me to merge into EF to all the hate messages.

Is there any chance that the army would return in the possible future?

Yes, our old leaders are keeping it a gaming server so we can maybe in the future come back but it’s not 100% that we will be back.
What plans do you have for the future regarding the community?
My plan is to chill seeing what is happening in CPA and I’ll be in the background.
Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Fear The Medieval!

While the future is still uncertain for both the Medieval Warriors and Ronaldo Vargas, they both did their throughout the month of June. We’ll see what the future holds for both of them and maybe we can see an improved version of the Medieval Warriors in the months or years to come.

What do YOU think? Will the Medieval Warriors ever make a comeback?  Let us know YOUR thoughts in the CPAN Discord!

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