CPAN Map Updates: July 1st – July 4th

Snow Storm, CP Army Network Headquarters – This week, Club Penguin Army Network released the long-awaited CPAN Map. It includes 183 servers spread across 3 continents and a few islands to go along with it! The map was designed by Club Penguin Army Legend Commando717 along with CPAN administrator F6sixer. How has its release impacted the community so far?

The map officially launched on June 29th, when Club Penguin Army Network administrator F6sixer made the server-wide announcement. The communiqué stated that Army Leaders would be able to start scheduling invasions from Wednesday, June 30th, so they could start taking place the following day.

F6sixer’s announcement regarding the new CPAN Map, click to enlarge

Many armies were quick to schedule invasions, in order to capture some territory. These first armies included almost all armies of the weekly top ten. Invasions finally started taking place on July 1st. Many armies have already secured a fair amount of servers, a summary of all invasions can be found below.

Invasions July 1st – July 4th

  • Fire Warriors: Hockey, Rainbow, and Snowy River
  • Golden Troops: Sabertooth
  • Help Force: Jackhammer, Alaska, and Wool Socks
  • Ice Warriors: Hypothermia , Snowflake, Husky, Frostbite, and Snowmobile 
  • Rebel Penguin Federation: Below Zero, Crystal, Abominable, Parka, and Chinook
  • Sea Serpents: Bunny Hill (unsuccessful), Rocky Road, Patagonia (unsuccessful)
  • Sidie’s Rangers: Christmas
  • Silver Empire: Hibernate
  • Smart Penguins: Slushy
  • Spartans: Breeze, Summit, and Snow Globe
  • Special Weapons and Tactics: Ice Shelf, Ice Cold, Ice Cave
  • Templars: Ice Box, Elevation, and Fjord

The current state of the map, click to enlarge

CPAN reached out to Commando717 to get his perspective on the new map and what it means for the future of the army community.

Interview Section

Approximately, how long did it take for the new map to be created?

About a month ago I was approached by CPAN and several leaders from CPA about building a new, more substantial map for the community at large. I became interested in how we might approach this, and with F6 being interested, I realized his relative experience would be applicable for actually finishing my original 2016 design. We made a plan and separately started building the necessary components, the production time for that only took about two weeks because I was able to start from where I left off in 2016, and F6 had applicable code of his own already built.

What tools were used to design the map?

I was responsible for the front end programming of the map, the majority of it was written, but the actual look of the map was drawn using Adobe Illustrator and planned in 2016 in Photoshop.

What plans or improvements can we expect to see in the future?

Unlike past community maps, this one was built to be maintained well into the future. It’s actually its own web tool by itself, which means we’ll only be able to continue to develop on what we recently deployed. One of the main features that is going to be rolled out is the News Feed, which will announce invasion outcomes/map changes when they happen in a list, and also have posts for news announcements. Additionally I’ll be working on a better mobile view since a watered down substitute was used as a placeholder. Myself and F6 will use community feedback to continue developing the map’s experience, I would only expect it to get more immersive from here.

How do you believe having territories again is going to impact the community as a whole?

This map was built with the intention of enhancing and unifying the community, that was the objective of it when it was originally built in 2016, and is still the objective now. Territories have been this essential common ground in the community for many years that has just been role played, and in recent years has been almost phased out since different CPPS’s would have different servers. Having a globally accepted map gives armies the chance to engage in an actual experience where wars have an outcome for everyone, which can become a consistent long term experience. I think this helps make armies more engaging, and I think it will significantly help all armies in the community long term. The map also allows armies to experience all of the servers that were present throughout Club Penguin’s history, including brand new ones to ensure there’s always enough space for every army, large or small, to be on the map. I hope this map will take the community to new heights.

As we can see, it is to be expected that the new map will bring armies to a completely new level, and with all armies competing to claim new territories, wars will be more interesting than ever!

What do YOU think about the new map? How do YOU think it will affect the community? Be sure to send your thoughts to our Discord server’s main chat!



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