The Wealth Grows: Simmonds Joins Golden Troops Leadership

HALF PIPE, Golden Troops Capital- In what seems to be the last of the changes, the Golden Troops add yet another member to their leadership roster. Who could this new name be? What new intentions could they have for the army?

As a familiar face within the army community, Simmonds2000 knows a thing or two about leading armies. He first joined armies back in 2010, originally joining the Nachos. Simmonds worked his way up to fourth-in-command, while leading the Pizza Republic. Within the next year, he enlisted in numerous armies such as the Army of Club Penguin and Ice Warriors. Along with his enlistments, Simmonds helped create the Dark Champions, alongside James18120 in 2013. Simmonds eventually left the community soon afterward, and returned in 2020 amidst the pandemic, enlisting in SWAT. Over the past year, Simmonds has led Elites, Dark Champions, and most recently the Fire Warriors.

A Pizza Republic event held in 2013 under Simmonds2000.

The Golden Troops returned to the army community in April of 2020 under the leadership of TheMightyA and Satchmo. Under this leadership, the army held consistent sizes of 10-15 during most events and were able to maintain themselves in the Club Penguin Online Army League small/medium Top Ten. The army has both grown and fallen since their opening, but today sit around the 12th-14th spot on the Top Ten Armies.

On July 2nd, an announcement was made in the Golden Troops discord server about the addition of Simmonds to the leadership.

CP Army Network successfully got ahold of Simmonds for an interview about his new leadership position


Hello Simmonds, for the first question of this interview, what was your reason for joining the Golden Troops leadership?

I wanted to take Golden Troops to new heights and to make them competing at high levels once again. I use to want to lead them back in the older generations of armies before 2017 but never got the chance to do so. So I finally wanted to take on the challenge this time and to make a long-standing impression on not just the army, but also the community.

That’s awesome! Now onto our next question, is there anything you wish to accomplish with the Golden Troops in the near future?

I have many goals for Golden Troops. Regarding the near future, I aim to get Golden Troops onto the top ten. Also, I would like to do very well in the upcoming summer tournaments and to make an impact on the community. Lastly, I want to start laying the foundations for a massive community to be built.

Best of luck to you, but how do you feel about joining the Golden Troops leadership team?

I am very excited to be part of the Golden Troops leadership. Mainly due to the fantastic people at the helm already and the masses of ambition that they display. Secondly, I have always wanted to lead Golden Troops since the old generation of armies so therefore, I cannot wait to get started.

Thank you for letting me interview you, would you like to add anything else?

The Golden Troops are about to rise, I am very confident.

As we can see, Simmonds is very optimistic about this new leadership role. This optimism is bound to bring some change within the army and the community can’t wait to see what the new leader can achieve. The army’s future looks golden.

What do YOU think of this new leadership change? Do you think Simmond’s confidence will bring great change? Does this army have a shiny, golden future? Let us know what you think about the leadership change in the CPAN Discord server!


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