The Next Leader: Where Are They Now? LawCorazon from IW

Snow Storm, CPAN Reporting Lounge โ€“ In this week’s edition of The Next Leader, we catch an interview with LawCorazon, a current leader of the Ice Warriors. What has the blue army been up to under Law’s leadership?

This week, The Next Leader will waddle over to Sub Zero, the Ice Warriors‘ capital to catch up with their current leader, LawCorazon. Law joined the army community in early 2020. Like many others, her career started off innocently, with the search for free coins on the infamous Club Penguin Online.

As somewhat of a prodigy of the blue army, Law made it to Staff in less than a month and was promoted to Leader in Training in under three months of being in Ice Warriors. In fact, June 23rd marked her 1 year of anniversary of being promoted to Leader in Training.

In her new position, she quickly grabbed control of the Blizzard Division of the army and became Iceyfeet1234‘s official secretary. It was thus not surprising to see Law join the leadership only a few weeks after our first interview.

Law’s promotion event

From then on it was clear that her intention as leader was to create a community that is both welcoming and engaging. From her leadership, the Ice Warriors have organized many monthly events, such as Puzzle Hunts and Murder Mysteries, engaging old and new troops. Moreover, LawCorazon keeps tight-knit connections with her staff, leads events, and does immense amounts of work in the background.

This work includes keeping an eye on all of the staff duties, and troop attendance at events. Due to her often having to run after people for administrative purposes, she even has earned a reputation.

A picture is worth a thousand words

CP Army Network reached out to LawCorazon for a brief interview. What is the blue army up to?


Well hello Law, I can’t say that I haven’t seen you lately, but how have you been? What have you and the Ice Warriors been up to?

We have been doing really great with Ice Warriors. We are keeping good sizes and I think our troops like the events we have. Its been amazing working with so many great people, keeping this army going

That’s amazing to hear! Almost exactly a year has passed since you were promoted to Leader-in-Training and 7 months from our last interview! Do you think you still uphold the same values as you did back then?

Im pretty sure I still have the same values of trying to keep people in the army happy. Although I don’t exactly remember what I said a year ago

Well, to refresh your memory, you put a lot of focus on community building. Having fun with troops, the staff, and jokes with each other. Is that still your primary focus or has that shifted?

Yes community is still my most important focus. Its now kinda more balancing everything between happy troops and keeping the army strong. But yea, its important that people have fun while being in IW. That way we can remain strong as an army and community

To you, what was the most unexpected thing (that you are allowed to mention) that came with leadership?

The amount of time you need to put in the army. I always knew it takes a lot to lead so many people, but I severely underestimated the time put into it. It might seem as a lot of little things, but they kinda add up. I like doing it tho

I think a lot of people underestimate the workload! Do you have any tips on managing it?

Have no social life! Jk jk. The best way to manage it is to spread it out between leadership and hcom so there are multiple people available to do things. And that know how to do things well

xD Good answer! Thank you so much for taking some time to reflect, it has been a pleasure to see you work your way from Private to Leader of the Ice Warriors. Do you have anything else to add to this interview?

Don’t freeze up!

As we can see, Law’s focus hasn’t changed at all. The focus on community always has and will be her number one priority. After all, it wouldn’t be worth it to lead an army if no one’s having fun anymore.

What do YOU think? What’s next for the Ice Warriors under LawCorazon’s leadership?

๐ŸŒˆ Kally

CPA Network Editor

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