CPAHQ Statement: The Templars and Their Insubordination

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- Today brought more immoral actions within Project: Conquest.  In turn, CPAHQ has crafted a statement on the raiding that took place today, June 24th, 2021.

Table of Contents

Chapter One- The Templars Raid a Project: Conquest Battle

Chapter Two- It’s Funny Because it’s Inappropriate!

Chapter Three- Wait, they work for CPAHQ?

Chapter Four- Go Back to Gomorrah 

Chapter One- The Templars Raid a Project: Conquest Battle

At 7 PM EST, the People Imperial Confederation began their invasion against the Golden Troops.  The battle was quickly flipped onto it’s head as the Templars of Club Penguin stormed the battlefield to raid.  A raid in itself is a direct violation of the Project: Conquest rules, as stated below:

Ddosing, doxxing, raiding, or any other attempts to ruin an army’s performance are not allowed.

Excerpt from the Project: Conquest Discord server

Upon conversing with the armies who were raided, this image was sent to the administration:

On the 23rd of June, the Golden Troops successfully invaded Rome from the Templars.  It appears this is what prompted the raid of the battle.  Keep in mind that the People’s Imperial Confederation were invading GT.  Regardless, the raid is a clear violation of Project: Conquest rules.

Chapter Two- It’s Funny Because it’s Inappropriate!

Since the death of Flash, the army community has gone back to the ‘normal’ Club Penguin Private Server situation.  With no army specific CPPS, this means that armies must utilize a CPPS with a much broader focus, such as Club Penguin Rewritten.  Because of this, CPAHQ has made it clear on numerous occasions that army conduct must be pristine.  Army leaders have been reminded multiple times about the rules CPR has set out for armies.  CPAHQ tournaments have also clearly stated that CPR rules are enforced, as shown here:

The rules of Club Penguin Rewritten apply. Please abide to them while using their CPPS and behave. We are guests on CPR, we do not own it.
Excerpt from the Project: Conquest Discord server

The army community is lucky enough as is that CPR allows us to operate on their servers.  Yet, that does not seem to matter to the Templars.  Here are some photos from their raid.  I would put a content warning, but saying “The Templars” is basically one within itself.

Once again, this is a clear violation of the Project: Conquest tournament rules.  It is extremely disheartening to see one army act so out of line on a CPPS that we do not own, as it could potentially end the good graces the CPR admins have shown us so far.

Chapter Three- Wait, they work for CPAHQ?

As the raid trudged on, some realized that a pair of Templars who participated in the raid hold positions at CPAHQ.  Echo, an editor, and Racecar4, a judge, were actively involved in the raid of the Project: Conquest battle.

Project: Conquest is a tournament ran by CPAHQ.  By raiding a Project: Conquest battle, these staff members raided their own organization.  As one would imagine, this is not really something we want to see from our CPAHQ staff.  Never mind the arguing that took place with other staff members.

Chapter Four- Go Back to Gomorrah

The Templars broke two Project: Conquest rules with their raid.  The Templars also sent bigoted images and messages to other armies in Project: Conquest, which can be read about HERE.  With that, the administration has come to the conclusion to suspend the Templars from Project: Conquest. The two Templar troops who participated in the raid have been fired as well.

We encourage everyone to take note of the recent actions of the Templars.  The leadership of the army has no gamesmanship, no integrity, and no respect for the rest of the army community.  While other army leaders make sure to follow the rules on CPR, the Templars leadership do not.  While other community members work to make our army world a more welcoming place, the Templars leadership encourages the spread of bigotry.  Conversing with multiple Templar troops, it becomes apparent that many recognize the volatility in the actions taken by the army and do not approve of it.  But the leadership remains hellbent on worsening the community and hiding behind the masquerade of “trolling”.

CPAHQ, as always, recognizes every army in the community.  But when an army makes a repeated mockery of us after extensions of goodwill to them; such as invitations to tournaments, hiring troops as staff, and covering activity fairly, we feel within our right to take such actions as we have.  It is unfortunate that this has happened during Project: Conquest, but it is clear that the presence of the Templars leadership worsens the experience for everyone else involved.


CP Army Headquarters Director in Chief

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