Water Vikings Announce Temporary Shutdown

CPAN Headquarters – The tide is low, and Water Viking Legend Kingfunks has announced a temporary shutdown. Though what exactly led to this decision? And when can we expect them to come back?

The Water Vikings have been a dominating army for the past years, competing besides the majors and taking over the scene, maxing high and taking everyone by storm with their massive waves. Their more recent involvements include community events such as Project: Conquest and March Madness. All of this in addition to their successful Top Ten placements every week, constantly being one of the top 5 armies.

A recent Water Viking Fashion Show

Lately, the Vikings’ sizes have endured a low tide and they haven’t been able to keep their Top Ten places. Due to multiple staff and high command stepping down from their spot, and losing a lot of their assistance, it became hard for the Vikings to keep the legacy that they wished to uphold. This led Kingfunks, a Viking Legend to announce the temporary shutdown of the army.

Kingfunks announcing the temporary shutdown, click to enlarge

From what it seems like, the only put reason is the decrease in size, mostly due to loss of staff. Though, when can we expect the Vikings to come back? To find out, CP Army Network reached out to Kingfunks for an interview.

Interview Section

What was the exact reason the Water Vikings shut down?

Kingfunks: The army had started to slowly decline in size and performance due to a shortage of staff. Meaning it was becoming harder to maintain our legacy – however, this break should act to restart the army.

What was your favorite memory in the last generation?

Kingfunks: I think the best memory would be when we won the war against SWAT after a whole month, with the victory parade afterwards with sizes of 70+.

When do you think the Vikings will make a return?

Kingfunks: I think it will be around a month, but it could be more or less depending on how preparations turn out.

How do you think the Water Vikings will perform after the revival?

Kingfunks: I feel that we have the capability of bouncing right back and doing even better than we have recently. With the new HCOM we have the potential to challenge the armies at the top and becoming the powerhouse that we should be and always have been.

Is there anything else you wanna add?

Kingfunks: Fear the wave

As you can see, the Water Vikings are still ready to put in action around the CPA community. There is potential to rumble up the war ground and to take over the Top Tens in their next revival with their new addition of High Commands. Where will the Vikings go from here? When can we expect a returning wave?

What do YOU think? Will the Vikings return sooner than later?


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