The Wave Crashes: Water Vikings Announce Temporary Closure

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- Earlier today the Water Vikings announced a temporary closure, but what led to this sudden decision?

The Water Vikings were founded on December 28th, 2010 by Jed Pen and Zakster. At their very first event, the Invasion of Parka, they saw a max of 10+. They showed great promise, holding consistent sizes of 15 – 20. They entered the Small/Medium Army Brawl, winning the first round. Despite facing several big armies, they managed to come out in second place. However, every peak must see a decline and due to internal conflicts, the Water Vikings eventually died.

After that, the Vikings saw multiple generations. Due to one reason or another the Water Vikings would close down once more. Their fourth generation was arguably their best, revived by Bepbop9, Zak and Dashing Snow. Under their leadership the army thrived, regularly contending for top spots on the major army Top Ten.

In the CPPS era, the army was revived in 2020 after the Golden Guardians rebranded themselves as the Water Vikings. The main figures in this revival were Kingfunks4, Pjayo, Buddy, Adden, Tymatt, and Thomas83514. This generation of the army saw many ups and downs, yet largely saw success. The army also saw many wars, one of the most famous was the Eagle Forey which went on for almost a month against the Special Weapons and Tactics. They briefly shut down earlier this year after an attack on the community. They later revived once more, bringing us the current 2021 generation. 

Earlier today, Kingfunks4 put out this announcement in the Water Vikings server.

Shutdown announcement by Kingfunks4.

To find out more about this decision, we reached out to Kingfunks4 for an interview

Thank you for agreeing to this interview! Firstly, why did the Water Vikings decide on shutting down temporarily?

The army had been in a slow state of decline, still doing well to be major, but we have had a decline in staff and HCOM numbers and it was becoming harder to maintain the image and history of the army – we need that extra month to build back up and launch with a new HCOM.

I see. What are your thoughts on the achievements and accomplishments of WV’s 2021 generation?

It has been an incredible accomplishment, the whole CPPS generation has been fantastic and we have achieved some great things – it’s been one of the most sustainable generations in the armies history.

Indeed it has! How soon can we expect a return from the Water Vikings?

I can not imagine it will be much longer than a month, but the exact date is to be confirmed

Understood. Do you and the WV guardians have any expectations for the army upon returning to the community?

I feel that the army will be able to bounce right back on our return and come back much stronger, with much improved sizes and a consistent presence in the top five.

Thank you for participating in this interview! Do you have anything else to add?

Only that we should be taken seriously when we return.

Perhaps we can expect the Water Vikings to return soon and stronger than ever, as we’ve seen in the previous generations. Only time however can tell how strong the Vikings will be upon their return to the community. We wish them the best of luck with whatever they have planned!

What do YOU think? When will their revival be? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments down below!


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