The Next Leader: Where Are They Now? Kehato from PZF

CPAN Headquarters, Reporting Lounge – In the second edition of “The Next Leader: Where Are They Now” we catch up with Kehato from the Pizza Federation. What have the chefs been up to?

For this week’s reunion, we are catching up with Kehato from the Pizza Federation! She joined the chef army in early 2020 and quickly made her way to the top of the ranks. By July, she had built a reputation as the most wholesome troop and also earned a promotion to moderator.

A few months later, in October, Kehato joined the Higher Command. Following our interview, she proceeded to overtake Lightningmcj‘s spot in PZF’s leadership in early January. Although as it’s known, the earliest weeks of January 2021 were not the easiest for armies. As leagues and armies crumbled and shut down, the Pizza Federation would also proceed to remove themselves from the Club Penguin army scene.

Kehato and her army would then shift their focus to other endeavours, such as Minecraft, Among Us, and other popular online games in a comfortable setting. The chefs, although not focused on Club Penguin anymore, are still thriving and focusing on their own community. Next to their Minecraft server, future plans include expanding their Roblox section as well.

Grave built for Kehato’s MC cat, on the PZF SMP, built by Kehato, Adeline, Alex and Takoz

Blackstone base built by the PZF’s Phoenix Corporation

After multiple months of no contact with the chefs, I waddled on over to meet Kehato and see what the Federation has been up to!


First of all, long time no see! The community hasn’t heard from you or the PZF in a while! What have you and the chefs been up to?

Hahah, yeah long time no see! PZF has kinda just been vibing on our own, we have a good little community and we’re comfortable with where we are rn! We have a Minecraft server a lot of us play on, and our community events section (including games such as Jackbox, Among Us, Gartic Phone, even movies!) is thriving! We’re also working on reviving our Roblox section more as well! <3 All in all we’ve just been doing our own thing and having fun in the community we’ve built!

By the sounds of it, no more Pizzatron for the chefs? In your first interview, I remember you telling us of your aspirations for a 5 tournament win streak with PZF. Do you have new goals?

We’ve branched away a fair bit from Club Penguin yeah, all of our CP channels are in an archive section <3 It was the best choice for us leaders, a hard one but we had to make it </3. Honestly I don’t have much goals anymore! I feel like I’ve done my part in the CPA community, I didn’t want to be recognized for some big community changing project you know? I’ve always been more of a sidelines character who keeps everything in check, second in command! In PZF I guess my main goal is to keep everyone happy! Maybe put ourselves out there more as an overall gaming server ^-^,

Although PZF branched out quite a bit, you were still able to make it to the highest rank! What do you think has the most valuable lesson so far been as a leader? Was there anything you weren’t expecting?

Hahah yup! I love PZF, I call it my second home! It’s only natural that I’ve become a bigger part of it <3. Hm.. Most valuable lesson for me was to be able to separate my leader self from my friend self. You can’t always be nice when you run a server, and sometimes you have to put your foot down and tell it as it is. I know it seems so over-dramatic for me to say that, but it’s true! I’ve almost lost friendships from not being able to put my foot down as a leader, so I know how crucial it is to be able to separate yourself once in a while. Thankfully I don’t have to most of the time ^-^. I wasn’t expecting all of the drama and the pressure of running a server. I knew it was going to be hard but I didn’t realize how much time, energy, and emotions it was going to take, and my mental health took a toll for a hot minute before I learned how to regulate all of that.

As a fellow leader, I felt that… Last one, if you gave yourself from 6 months ago some advice, what would you say?

That is.. a hard one. I could bullshit some advice but, I’ll keep it real <3. “Kehato you need to just stop. Stop it, get over it. There are so many other things to stress over, so many other things that need your attention. Stop stressing so much over a Club Penguin Army game, a game that won’t matter in a couple years. So many other people dedicate so many years of their life to this, but it’s not you. You found your friends, you found your community. It’s ok to stop and get a breather. It’s ok to not want to keep going, it’s ok to want to leave CPA. This is what’s best for you, this is what you’ll do, but you realized it far too late. Try to actually be happy, find reasons to keep going. You’ll thank me in six months hun <3”

Thank you Kehato!! It has been a pleasure catching up with you, and I’m glad to see that you still have those close connections to the community that PZF was able to build over time. Do you have anything else to add to this interview?

Hm.. if you’re going through bad thoughts like depression and anxiety, try hard to get serious help. Talking to your friends about it won’t cut it like it does right now. Oh and treat everyone with kindness, you can make someone’s day or week by just being a kind human being.

As we can see, the Pizza Federation, and Kehato, have moved on from Club Penguin and its’ army community. Nevertheless, the Pizza Federation still lives, and the chef community is as strong as ever.

What do YOU think? 

🌈 Kally

CPA Network Editor

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