Retiring the Helmet: Phoebe Steps Down from PIC Leadership

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- Phoebe, former leader of the People’s Imperial Confederation recently announced her retirement, what led to her sudden retirement?

Phoebe began her army career in June of 2019, with the Recon Federation. She retired in January of 2020 from the Federation and went on to have a brief stint in the Crimson Guardians. Following her time with the Guardians, she went on to join the People’s Imperial Confederation in April of 2020 until their closure later that year. Following the closure, she was a keystone member in the revival which took place in January of this year. 

On July 16th, 2021, Phoebe announced that she will be retiring from the leadership of the Confederation, as well as armies altogether. The reason behind her retirement is due to her new real-life responsibilities and her ambition to turn a new page in her life. Being that she has been involved in the community for almost two years, she feels as if this was the best decision for not only herself, but the future of the army that she helped cultivate.

To find out more about her retirement, we reached out to her for an interview:

Why did you decide to retire?

I just needed to focus on Irl stuff and I’ve been in armies for a while and feel like it’s time for a change.

What’s your favorite memory from PIC?

There’s honestly so many. From the late night quiplash games and just hanging around in the server talking. I also liked taking Pie’s roles away whenever I felt like it

Do you plan on ever returning to PIC?

No, rn I don’t have plans to ever join armies again

How do you think PIC will fare following your departure?

I think they’ll do good. Pie and Aydoon are really good leaders (sometimes) and are able to continue PIC going. They might forget to do event posts and stuff but they’ll do good

It is clear to see that Phoebe believes that PIC will do just fine following her departure. Only time will tell if this will actually be the case. With Project Conquest in its third week, we will have to see how they fare without Phoebe at the helm of their leadership.

What do YOU think? How well will PIC do in Project Conquest despite the fact Phoebe won’t be there to lead them? Will Phoebe make a triumphant return? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments down below!


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