One Direction Army Returns to the CPA Community

SPARKLES, One Direction Army’s Capital– After a period of inactivity, the One Direction Army has returned to the community for another generation. What lies in the army’s future?

The One Direction Army was created during April of 2020 by Aubz alongside leaders Mare, Frankie, and Izzy. With the original intentions of their army unclear, the One Direction Army would eventually prove themselves to be a strong contender in the community.

Notably, the army reached sizes of 20 during Legends Cup X and placed consistently on the Small-Medium Army Top Ten rankings. Throughout its history, several strong members graced the One Direction Army’s leadership team. This lineup includes leaders such as Graceee, Nelly, and Chrome, many of whom served in other well-known armies like the Ice Warriors and Special Weapons and Tactics.

The One Direction Army during Legends Cup X

Following the inactivity of the army in early 2021, the One Direction Army disappeared from the spotlight. On June 15th, army creator Aubz announced a revival event set for the 20th. The army’s potential grows as they obtained sizes, fluctuating at approximately 15 at their revival event.

One Direction Army Revival Event

CP Army Network got a chance to sit down and interview one of the current leaders, Chrome about the revival of the One Direction Army!


What influenced the revival of ODA?

Chrome: I’m not too sure what influenced the revival of ODA, it may have been timing, or just a spark of passion for the game. I’m glad aubz made the call to do so either way

Do you have any goals, whether it be you or the leadership as a whole, for the future of ODA?

Chrome: Yes, growing our army has been one of the goals, getting attendance of members has been another

What can we expect to see from the ODA in the near future?
Chrome: I guess you’d just have to wait and see, because we have plans in the making
Can’t wait to see those plans! Do you have any final words?
Chrome: Yes my final words would be… no further comments. Thank you
From our interview with Chrome, the One Direction Army leadership looks optimistically at its return to the community. From their first event back, the army is showing capabilities of reaching show-stopping heights.

What are YOUR thoughts about the revival of the One Direction Army? How do YOU think the new generation will fare in the current army community?


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