Neha Announced as Golden Troops Leader

HALF PIPE, Golden Troops Capital – After careful consideration, Golden Troops advisor, Neha, has decided to take up the mantle of leadership. What is her reasoning for doing so?

Neha first joined the Rebel Penguin Federation in March 2020. After spending some time there, she enlisted with the Dark Bandits, which would become an impactful experience in her army career. Due to the army’s closing in May 2020, she turned to the Red Ravagers, the spiritual successor to the Dark Bandits, and the Ice Warriors a period later. A short while later, she journeyed to the Doritos and the Silver Empire, taking up Third in Command in both armies. She went back to the Red Ravagers sometime later, to eventually rank up to Commander. After the Golden Troops reopened earlier this year, she decided to become Leader-in-Training. Occupied with external commitments, she then retired to the advisory council. However, seemingly due to summer vacation, Neha has decided to return to leadership in the Golden Troops.

A recent Golden Troops event

CP Army Network successfully reached out to Neha for an interview on this promotion.


What was the reason that you decided to be a Golden Troops leader?

Neha: Well i’ve been helping GT as advisor ever since they re-opened. I was LIT for a little while but bc of school i went inactive. Now that i’m in for summer break and i know we all have more free time i thought it’s finally time to give it a real try.

What do you want to do for Golden Troops to get them higher up on the top tens? 

Neha: We are a little messy right now in the sense of what we are all responsible for, i hope to start giving us more of a set in roles and schedule. The goal is to help organize and help bring GT back as a team and back into TT.

Do you foresee Golden Troops in a much higher light than it currently is? 

Neha: Definitely, these guys are hard working but there were so many slumps and bumps in the road. We can only go up from here.

Thanks for the wonderful interview! Is there anything else you would like to add?

Neha: GT is hard working and a strong Army, people have forgetting what we are capable of and it’s time for us to rise once again. Hell will be unleashed.

Neha seems to be optimistic about the army’s future. She has succeeded despite bumps in her journey, so her optimism seems grounded. Her excitement for the army seems matched by the troops as well, who are happy to see her enlisted again. The Golden Troops surely hint at a golden future with this leadership change.

What do YOU think? Do YOU think that Neha will lead the army to a much brighter future? Will this army finally see the light of day after so long? Let us know what YOU think about the Golden Troops’ future now!


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