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CPAN Headquarters – Following a six-month hiatus, the Secret Service confirms its resurgence. What’s next from the Secret Service?

The Secret Service opened its doors in late October of 2020 under TD999‘s leadership. The army quickly grew and dominated the small/medium army scene only weeks after its opening. Alongside this rapid growth, the overall interest in the army and its popularity grew.

The army would consistently average sizes of about 15-25 members and would participate in tournaments such as the Christmas Chaos X and Aces of Ausia. To everybody’s surprise, on December 15th, 2020, after less than two months of activity, the army shut down. This marked the end of the army’s first generation.

The Secret Service during one of their events

After a period of inactivity and uncertainty regarding the future of the Secret Service, an official announcement of a comeback was posted, delivered by TD999. In a new Discord server, the army would revive under a second generation and a new brand that would bring some exciting news and events to the community.

The leadership team, consisting of TD999 and Dman64w, scheduled their opening event for July 3rd, with hopes for a strong comeback to the CPA community.

Event Info of the Revival Event on July 3rd, click to enlarge

CP Army Network contacted TD999, Secret Service leader and creator, in order to gather some insight concerning the return of his army.


How does it feel to be back in the army community?

TD999: Feels weird, can’t believe i’m still in CPA

Do you believe the Secret Service has benefitted from its downtime?

TD999: No, the downtime by itself didn’t benefit Secret Service in any way since we were not planning to revive it and the server was left to die with the leaders being busy with irl stuff. We shifted to a new Discord Server so most of the troops are new recruits and some from the last gen. But it did give us time for planning & to think about what needed improving based on the first gen.

What are your future plans for Secret Service?

TD999: Our plans right now are to start strong, slowly build up the army & training troops for battles. Also to hit 20+ sizes without allies and become stable. That’s all atm.

That’s a really positive mindset! Is there anything else you would like to add?

TD999: Shoutout to all the SS hcom & staff! INTENTIONS CLASSIFIED

Having led a successful First Generation, TD999 and Dman64 now face a new step in their career with the Secret Service’s Second Generation, which they plan to bring to new heights. With the opening event fast approaching, the community is looking forward to seeing what the Secret Service has to offer!


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