Rising from the Ashes: Crimson Guardians Return to the CPA Community

The Crimson Guardians, a popular small/medium army, has announced their return to the community after a few months of absence. Just what caused the sudden return and how well can we expect them to do?

The Crimson Guardians were established on August 12th, 2019 by Tsanami. They started off slow, but then started to have a tsunami of high maxes, varying from 15-25. On April 18th, 2020, the Guardians would be the first of several armies who moved from operating on Club Penguin Online, to Club Penguin Rewritten, also joining Club Penguin Army Media’s league. Despite all these changes, the Guardians never gave up hope, which was maintained throughout the whole of their first generation, until they sadly passed away from inactivity on the 25th of April, 2021.

Crimson Guardians maxing upwards of 20 in a training event, whilst registered under Club Penguin Online’s Army League.

On June 15th, Action (formerly known as ActionSpark) announced a revival of the Crimson Guardians, which will be spearheaded by him. In a website post entitled “Back in Action” Action goes on to explain some of the best achievements of the previous generation, including a quite literal 0-3 victory against the Pirates. Although he doesn’t make a mention of any specific goals that the army has in mind, it’s safe to assume that Action wants to continue the spark that Crimson Guardians had last generation.

CP Army Network Staff reached out to Action with a few questions about this revival.


What were some of the factors behind the revival of Crimson Guardians?

One of the biggest factors was probably well I’ve been wanting to dabble in leadership for a while. I joined the Crimson Guardians earlier, a few days before their shut down as Leader in Training in hopes of trying to revive it. However, due to time constraints and exams I couldn’t dedicate as much time as id have liked to and hence we shut down. I was working on creating another army but due to some circumstances that couldnt happen either and I had talked briefly with Tsanami about a possible revival and it wasnt totally off the table. So I asked her about it and after taking with Beni I got the permission to bring it back 😀
How successful do you believe this next generation will be?
Well hopefully its very successful. I have high aspirations and high hopes, however some of them may seem unrealistic to most but I personally believe that with enough hard work and dedication I can pull it off.
What can we expect to see from Crimson Guardians in the near future?
Expect the crimson guardians you saw on CPO and hopefully even above that. Good maxes good sizes and an army that feels like home and involves everyone, from troops to HCOM members 😀
Anything else you would like to add?
watch out for us, and fear the flame<3
As we can see from above, Action plans to get the Crimson Guardians to sizes of 20+ again much like their time on Club Penguin Online. As we know, though, reaching high sizes is harder these days due to the lack of coin incentives that armies can offer so hopefully we can see Crimson Guardians able to put the work in, and see them rise to their former glory once more.
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