Phoebe Steps Down from People’s Imperial Confederation Leadership

CPAN Headquarters – After 2 months of successful leadership in People’s Imperial Confederation as a third generation leader, Commander-in-Chief Phoebe has decided to step down. What led to her decision to retire and what does this mean for the Confederation?

Phoebe has been an active member in the army community. She started her journey in the Recon Federation of Club Penguin, joining in June of 2019. She then eventually found her home in the People’s Imperial Confederation, joining them in April of 2020 – little over one year ago.

She enlisted as a Second-in-Command during this time. Straight away, she would show excellent leadership and motivation quickly becoming a Leader-in-Training, partaking in discussions regarding the army’s future. Under her strong leadership, the army started prospering, consistently reaching record sizes time and time again.

Phoebe would lead during World War Rewritten, The Great Resistance period and the Challengers Cup tournament. At one point, she was even managing the army single-handedly during the chaotic Motherland/Confederation Wars. As a result, she had been conferred many medals during her service over the many months, and would prove that she is certainly one of the best the army has ever seen.

CP Army Network was able to reach out to Phoebe regarding her retirement.


What do you think was the main reason that led to your retirement from PIC Leadership?

Phoebe: For one reason, I’ve been here for a long time and I feel like it’s time for me to just move on without armies. Another reason, sometimes when you do something for so long you lose motivation to continue and that was happening to me so I decided to retire.

Following your departure, how do you think PIC will fare and what’s next for PIC?

Phoebe: I think they will do amazing. Their leaders, Aydoon and Pie, are so dedicated and have the power and support with HICOM to carry PIC long ways.

Do you foresee yourself returning to the CPA community in the future?

Phoebe: Well, I never know the future but as of now, I don’t have plans to.

Thanks for the wonderful interview! Is there anything else you would like to say?

Phoebe: I’m better than pie and he’s a wannabe <3

Having been a part of CPA community for the past two years, Phoebe seems ready to move on to her next phase in life without armies. While she doesn’t have plans to return anytime soon, that doesn’t mean the possibility of her ever returning is 0 – and she may come back to lead the Confederation once more. Seeing Phoebe’s strong faith in the current leadersship, we can’t wait to see the army achieving greater heights in the future!


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