What If Flash Never Died?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The 4th edition of What If will explore how armies could have ran if flash never died. At the end of 2020, armies experienced a lot of frustration and anxiety when flash stopped running. However, what if this wasn’t the case? How would this change the community? 

Disclaimer: This post contains the views of the writer as an individual, and not of the CP Army Headquarters as a whole. 


One of the obvious implications would involve the platform that the community used. When Flash was around, most events were held on Club Penguin Armies. This was a CPPS created and used specifically for armies. If flash never died, armies would have stayed on this platform, and not move to other servers such as Club Penguin Rewritten. While other CPPS servers would still be used on occasion, it would have been less frequent. Club Penguin Armies would have remained the dominant platform. 

An event held on CPA

Since Club Penguin Armies would have never shut down, armies would have more possibilities with tactics. The strict chat filter in Club Penguin Armies limits what can be said. Therefore, armies have to vigorously test these tactics to make sure they go through. Penguins may even get banned for saying the mildest crude phrase or army reference. However, with CPA, much of this would be resolved. Since the chat filter is much less strict, armies could get away with harsher and more crude tactics in battles. This would make battles and tournaments much tenser. 

Due to CPA closing down, armies had to adapt their uniforms to what was available on Club Penguin Rewritten at the time. This made it tough for many armies because their choices were limited. Had flash stayed around, this would never have occurred as items could be spawned using a variety of commands. This allowed for better uniform selection and more choices in fun events such as fashion shows.

Overall, if flash never shut down, the army community would function the same as it did in 2020. Battles would be harsher due to more freedom with tactics, and armies would have more variety in their uniforms. 

Do you believe this could have gone another way? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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