Red Ravagers Marks 1 Year of Activity

SNOWBOUND, Red Ravagers Capital – At what seemed like one of the peak moments for Club Penguin Armies, the 2020 community welcomed an abundance of new faces through its doors. The Red Ravagers are gracefully amongst the mix as they proudly celebrate one year of activity this month!

During May of 2020, the Red Ravagers were built from the ground up by former leaders, Honda and Maxine. With their opening event that debuted in June, they successfully maxed a total of 12. They quickly officialized their status as an army under Club Penguin Armies Media (CPAM), and later registered under the Club Penguin Army Hub (CPAH) as a small/medium army.

The Red Ravagers pictured at their opening event in June 2020

From then on, the army has gone through a number of changes in leadership; including creators Honda and Maxine who stepped down within four months of each other, both of whom proudly hold HOF Red Legend status. Other notable mentions include MermaidBri, Neha, and Scorpion Demon; who all have their own spots in the Hall of Fame as well.

The Red Ravagers have accomplished countless achievements: one of which was placing within the Top Ten Armies of CPAH for several consecutive weeks. The army has been prospering ever since they first opened. However, they took the respectable route to put a halt on their success, shutting down on January of 2021 due to unforeseen and dangerous circumstances in the Club Penguin Army community. They had come to the decision to rebrand as a general gaming community called the Ravvy Hangout, before announcing an army revival not too long after on February 9th, 2021. Since then, they have been focused on keeping their community a fun and safe environment for everyone.

To commemorate this special day, Club Penguin Network had an exciting talk with Baileybear herself, one of the leaders of Red Ravagers; to hear what she has to say for the army as well as learn about Red Ravagers overall.


What has been your favorite moment in Red Ravagers, and why?

I have to think for a moment, because I had a favorite moment about all 366 days I’ve been a staff member there at this point. But I know all of my favorite moments were ones that we were all just being friends. The ones we forgot about the top ten and sizes and we just hung out. The one that sticks out to me the most was our event on July 15th it was a normal training and it was going well and then someone dressed as armybot came in and we LOST IT. He did some tactics with us and left but we chased him bahahaha. Forgot about the training completely and decided to chase this random person around the server. Eventually we caught them and got them to join the RR server and turns out they were looking for a new army at the time anyway and decided to join us. The next moment I dont remember the date of but it was in the Box Dimension and we were just having another training and then someone threw a snowball and realized they would like wiggle when you threw them. So everyone had to throw one to see what it looked like, which eventually turned into a huge snowball fight. These are my favorite moments because they taught me what was important as I progressed my way to leader. I have always said “What’s the point if it isnt fun?” and I carry that with me as a leader today. Of course I would love to max high and all of that amazing stuff but if I had to choose between being small and having a lot of fun or maxing high and not enjoying myself I would choose to be small and have fun. As for more recent memories I think my favorite would be when I bought donuts for Baks, one of my HCOM who lives in another country, while he was still a mod and he ate them on stream.

What is one of the biggest changes you’ve seen in Red Ravagers since you first joined?

Probably developing a reputation as an army people actually know about. Since I joined when it first started we were nobodies back then. RR still stood for Red Rebellion to everyone, including the cparmies game #Rip-!army-rav.

Now that you’ve hit the 1-year mark, what are Red Ravagers’ plans and goals for the future?

Okay so the answer to that would be: Our goal is to have no goal!… Well atleast no goal anyone else is aware of, what fun would it be without surprising everyone, e7. Our current goal is the goal we have always had, to stay RAVVY!!

Thank you so much for your time, Bailey! Is there any other final remarks you’d like to say?

I would like to say thank you to all the people who have supported RR in anyway as they have pushed us forward and given us the will to keep going, without them we would not of hit this milestone and for that I am so incredibly grateful.

Finally, congratulations to Red Ravagers on hitting their one year! Despite the hardships, they have come out of it all stronger than ever and ready to face the future. Will we see Red Ravagers celebrate their second, third, and perhaps maybe even their fourth anniversary? Club Penguin Network will keep you notified on the latest news!

But what do YOU think? How will the Red Ravagers vie within the upcoming years? Will we see them dominate the top ten charts once again? Tell us what YOU think by commenting down below!


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