Legends Cup XI Announcement

At CPA Network, we’re proud to preserve and carry forward the rich legacy and heritage of CP Armies. Started during the days of CPA Central, every summer, there would be a much awaited, hotly contested tournament that would attract armies both big and small to prove beyond doubt, that they truly were the undisputed champions – The Legends Cup. Throughout its ten iterations, only three armies have won this tournament namely, the Ice Warriors, Nachos and Rebel Penguin Federation. This June, as a part of our exciting Summer @ CPAN initiative, we will be hosting the 11th edition of the Legends Cup i.e. LCXI


Legends Cup XI is here!

The first round of LCXI will begin on the 19th of June (Saturday) and the grand finals will be held during the weekend of July 9th/10th. The tournament will be conducted over a span of 4 weeks, such that no army will have to compete in more than one round per week. Depending on the number of armies, LCXI will be held over the course of 2-3 rounds over the course of these 4 weeks. Just like Legends Cups of the past, this year’s tournament will consist of 1v1 elimination matches, wherein the winner gets to advance to the next round.

All armies that take part will be seeded based on their average position in the Top Ten over the past four weeks (i.e. top 10s starting from the week of 5/16 to 6/13). In the event of a tie, average TT scores of the past 4 weeks will be used to seed the armies with tied seeds. These seeds will be used to make a bracket such that the top 2 seeded armies, should they advance in all rounds, only meet in the finals.

All armies in CPA Network’s league, are automatically enrolled in the bracket of LCXI unless otherwise requested by their army representative. In the interest of keeping the tournament fair and open, LCXI will have an open registration period starting from 6/7 – 6/12 during which time armies that are not affiliated with CPAN may sign up for LCXI. All armies that sign up for LCXI (both league participants and external) will be treated equally. External applicants are required to register in the #external-army-registration channel in our Discord. At the end of this period, all registered armies will be seeded and the first round match ups and the overall bracket will be announced on 6/13.

All LCXI battles will be streamed to our Discord. We request everyone to not view the battle on CPR as this adversely impacts both armies and judges.  The following tournament rules will apply to all armies

  • Armies must not multilog, use bots, or any other unfair means of gaining an advantage
  • No DDosing/Doxxing/Defacing etc
  • No individual can attend for more than 1 army, even if their army gets eliminated. i.e. if a member chooses to attend for army A and that army gets eliminated after the first round, then that member can no longer take part in any LCXI battle with other armies that are still in the LCXI bracket.
  • The use of allies, colonies and other armies to aid your army’s battle is strictly prohibited
  • All rules of CP Rewritten apply. Armies or their members found using abusive tactics or abusing CPAN judges in any form, during or outside the battle, will potentially face disqualification from the tournament
  • The use of money in the form gift cards, pre paid cards etc to promote event attendance during LCXI battles is strictly forbidden. However, armies may choose to use Nitro, in-server currencies and other perks (that do not have any IRL value or significance) to promote attendance at battles

Disclaimer: The above rules are subject to change at the discretion of CPAN’s board. 

Judging Criteria and Selection

CPAN is committed to delivering fair and unbiased results at all battles that are adjudicated by our judging team. Judge selection, adjudication of battles and reviews (if any) will take place along our judging and battle review policy.

  • In the interest of full transparency, the CPAN Board advised by our team of Head Judges, will select all judges for each LCXI battle.
  • Moreover, to ensure that no conflict of interest takes place, if a board member’s army is taking part in a LCXI battle, then that board member cannot nominate any judge. For example, if RPF is battling in a LCXI round, then a board member, if any, who’s actively involved in RPF (enlisted or advising), cannot select any judges for that battle.
  • Additionally, for the semi-finals and finals, we will be operating with a team of 5 judges which will include one Head Judge who’s not affiliated with either army. At least two board members, not affiliated with either of the battling armies, will be required to be present viewing the live stream of the semis and finals.
  • All army leaders taking part in LCXI reserve the right to reject judges for their battle.
  • All judges will be announced no later than 48 hours before the start of the battle. All judges must be finalized and accepted by both armies no later than 6 hours before the battle. This is done to ensure that there is no scope for last minute confusion and hassles for either armies or the judges involved.

I look forward to a fun and exciting summer with numerous high voltage battles between some our communities biggest heavyweights! May the best army win!

Who do YOU think will win the 11th Edition of the Legends Cup? Let us know in the comments below!


CPAN Interim Administrator



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