Commanders-in-Chief Shallissa and SupremeP0wer Retire

BEANIE, People’s Imperial Confederation Nation – After 6 successful months of leadership, leaders, Shallissa and SupremeP0wer, of the People’s Imperial Confederation’s third generation have decided to step down. What led to their retirements and what will result of the army after their departure? 

SupremeP0wer and Shallissa have both been in Club Penguin Armies for 2 years respectively. Both leaders started their journey in the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) and eventually found their home in the People’s Imperial Confederation‘s (PIC) leadership team.

Shallissa joined the RFCP in June 2019, where she rose to their Higher Command. She later joined Templars (TCP) as a leader for several months, before taking a small break from armies. When Club Penguin Rewritten returned through HTML5, she joined PIC for Commander-in-Chief, thriving in their leadership for half a year.

Supreme (also known as LuckyLuigi) joined the RFCP in early January 2020. He later then joined the PIC’s second generation, and rose to be one of their best recruiters almost immediately. He worked his way up to Commander-in-Chief quickly. After a  brief retirement, where he was enlisted momentarily elsewhere, he made his way back to PIC. Here, Supreme achieved Commander-in-Chief yet again.

The two did great things for PIC. They achieved stellar maxes in the small/medium army community, leading PIC to place on the Top Ten Armies rankings on several occasions. After making a huge impact on the army, they both decided it was time to focus on their personal lives and retire from armies as a whole, as written in a post on their website titled “Shallissa and SupremeP0wer’s Retirement“. Along with this, they decided to instate two new leaders on their behalf:

SupremeP0wer and I hereby promote ThePieLord and Aydoon to the rank of Commander-in-Chief, to lead alongside Phoebe in PIC’s newest chapter of leadership. Their rank takes effect this coming Saturday following our retirement event. I am confident that they will fill our shoes well and lead PIC into new opportunities and accomplishments.

Shallissa and SupremeP0wer’s Retirement

The CP Army Network reached out to Supreme and Shallissa regarding their retirements.


What do you think was the main reason for your retirement?

Shallissa: The main reason for my retirement was my desire to focus more on my real life and better myself as much as possible. I’ve been in armies for two years now and it has been such an incredible experience. However, I can’t be an army leader forever and it was time for me to take a step back and pay more attention to my personal life. Supreme will be moving closer to me late this summer and we both agreed that the time and attention we have been giving to PIC should instead be used to focus on our relationship and plans for our future. I will miss leading PIC but I see a lot of good things happening in my future.

SupremeP0wer: I’m old for one and I’m getting ready to move onto a new chapter in my life that wouldn’t allow me to take on the responsibilities to lead PIC properly. With a move in the near future, I’ll have a lot on my hands outside of CPA. I’m not leaving completely, but my time as leader has come to an end. I’m beyond excited to see Pie and Aydoon, who are both extremely promising LiTs, step into leadership.

What do you think will come out of PIC now, due to them moving onto their “newest chapter of leadership”?

Shallissa: I can see PIC continuing to climb in both size and morale under the leadership of Phoebe, ThePieLord, and Aydoon. I worked closely with them throughout the majority of my leadership and they have the passion, talent, patience, and dedication needed to successfully lead an army. I am so proud of how far they have come over the past few months and I know they will be successful. I am confident that PIC will eventually reach major army status along with some more successful practice battles. More than anything I know they will have a lot of fun leading together and that’s what makes me happy the most.

SupremeP0wer: Both incoming Commanders are both well trained and equipped to see PIC reach further heights. In tandem with their individual skillsets that work well alongside each other, the incoming LiTs will further compliment the new leaders. I see PIC being a major army one day, but even if that’s not the case, we’ll always have heartwarming shared memories to look back on.

Do you think there will be a time that you may come back?

Shallissa: That is a very good question. It is always a possibility, just an unlikely one at this point in my life. I intend to remain active in PIC and assist the new leadership in any way possible, along with serving my position as PIC’s Congress of Soviets by keeping tabs on what is going on in PIC and offering advice and input to leadership. If PIC needed me to return I could see myself stepping in temporarily to help, but I am confident that Phoebe, Pie, and Aydoon will be fine and keep everything under control: if not, I will finally be able to act on my threats of couping Pie (just kidding).

SupremeP0wer: No, this is a one way ticket. I hate speaking in definitive, but I never foresee myself stepping back into an active position in this community

Thanks for the wonderful interview! Is there anything else you would like to say?

Shallissa: I would just like to thank everyone in PIC and all of my friends for making my experience as PIC leader and my time in CPA so memorable and enjoyable. I am thankful for everyone and their kindness and I love them so much.

SupremeP0wer: Enjoy the ride! ((:

Both Shallissa and Supreme seem to feel rightfully bittersweet about their retirements. Although, Shallissa feels as if there could be a chance for a return into the community, Supreme feels as if his time in the community has come to a graceful end. The pair believe wholeheartedly that the two leaders they have appointed can bring the army to eventually major rankings. They both look to help the army still in whatever ways they can. It is sad to see the two leave the community, but we wait to see in what ways the next leadership will enhance the army further.

What do YOU think about Shallissa and SupremeP0wer’s retirements? In what ways do YOU think that these retirements will affect the People’s Imperial Confederation? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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