Spartans Army Opens as Notable Leaders Unite

CPAN Headquarters – In the ever-changing world of CP Armies, the Spartans name and several impactful CPA figures have triumphantly returned to the Club Penguin Army scene like never before. 

After a busy year with focus away from the CPA community, administrators and leaders, MaximeT9 and Mustapha10, have announced the grand opening of Spartans as a Club Penguin Army. What currently stands as Spartans Gaming will now welcome their Club Penguin Army division as a part of their gaming community as early as this week, already promising members exciting events and incentives. The Spartans server holds an impressive member count of over 6000 with an abundance of active, potential CPA troops.

MaximeT9’s announcement regarding the incorporation of their newest Club Penguin Army division.

Spartans leadership currently consists of MaximeT9, Mustapha10, Roberto and Lord Pain, all whom have extensive experience in the Club Penguin Army community. All leaders are known to be very well versed in everything CPA with a few CPA legends amongst the mix. We were able to catch up with Mustapha10 for an exclusive CPAN interview about the future of the Spartans. 


How and why was the decision to bring back Spartans as a Club Penguin Army made?

A growing interest in creating a Club Penguin Army division within the Spartans Gaming community began to emerge as friends from MaximeT9 and I’s former communities began to talk of returning along with the fact that myself and MaximeT9 were both seeing the major flaws in how Club Penguin Armies ran, we thought we could do it better – our own way.

The community has drastically changed since the Spartans were last an army, what are your thoughts on adapting to such changes?

The people you see leading the Spartans today have been around and are aware with the modern CPA community. Each individual leading has single handedly created legacies of their own; they have built their own empires and have become legendary in their own right. Together, we can adapt to anything and truly create something unlike we’ve never before imagined.

What are your goals, whether personal or army-wide, as you delve back into the CPA community?

Our main goal is to enable people to make friends and have fun. We don’t aim to fill up rooms with red penguins. We aim to fill up servers with red penguins. Our mission is not to protect Club Penguin. No, we aren’t the ‘good guy’ and we don’t try to be, nor are we evil. We just try to have fun.

What can we expect to see from Spartans within the near future?

You can expect to see the most revolutionary army the community has ever seen. Expect excitement to once again grace the community. Expect many legendary figures to continue to emerge and unite!

Anything else you’d like to add?

THIS!!! IS!!! SPARTA!!!!

As noted from Mustapha10‘s interview, the Spartans are eager and more than enthusiastic to show the community what they’re made of. The Spartans have set their opening parade event for June 8th. The reactions on both their opening and event announcements have received raving responses, with react numbers higher than most active armies. It will be truly interesting and exciting to see what the future of Spartans hold.

What do YOU think about the grand opening of Spartans? Let us know in the comments!


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