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We have entered the most exciting time of the year! School’s out and everybody is ready for a good time. This summer we have a lot of fun projects planned for the CPA community so buckle your seatbelts and get ready!

For years now, summer has always been the best time for the CPA Community. This is when armies experience their greatest growth and we will see numerous amount of armies return. This is why this summer we want to bring to you many different events so everybody can be involved and have a great time! We want to kickstart with a bang and we have been working hard behind the scenes to achieve this. This summer will be a big one and we have been working on many different projects for everybody to enjoy. So without further adieu, here is Summer @ CPA Network!


Server Map


Very soon we will be launching the official server map for the CPA community! Right now, our administrative is working on putting the map together, drafting all the different rules for league such as rules for treaties, invasions, server transfers, etc. The map is a simple, yet vital part of the community. Many different armies will participate in the map and try to obtain as many servers as possible. It is always exciting to see how armies strategize around the server map. We hope the server map will restore competition and activity within the community and bring fun battles throughout the summer!



Legends Cup


The Legends Cup is one of the oldest tournaments the community’s history. A little bit about this tournament, the Legends Cup was undoubtedly the most prestigious tournament an army could win. Armies often structured their summer plans around this tournament in order to maximize their performance. The tournament was launched in 2010 by former CP Army Central CEO Iasage and ran until 2017 when Club Penguin shut down. One more edition was held in 2018 on a CPPS, though not hosted by CPAC. This year, we plan to host the 11th edition in June.

The tournament has produced some of the most dramatic and exhilarating match-ups – with many armies establishing their own legacy through their performance in this tournament such as Doritos‘s surprising run to the finals in 2013 and the Water Vikings making back to back finals appearances. Last year’s tournament was filled with amazing and memorable moments as we had two of the greatest battles of the year when Ice Warriors battled Army of Club Penguin in the quarter-finals and then the thrilling semi-finals matchup between IW and Rebel Penguin Federation. Furthermore, Help Force made an incredible run to the finals as well last year. Though this tournament has had ten iterations with over a hundred different participants, only three armies have won the competition, with only one being a CP Rewritten Army: the Ice Warriors, Rebel Penguin Federation, and the Nachos. This tournament creates legends, who will grab the throne this year?



S/M Battle Royale


The S/M community has also been involved in some of the best tournaments throughout the history of this community. Some of the most legendary S/M armies such as Chaos, Redemption Force. and Water Ninjas have been winners of numerous different S/M tournaments. More recently, Pizza Federation has held the mantle of S/M Tournament glory, winning every S/M tournament this past year. This year however, we wanted to do something a little different. History is very important, however here at CPA Network we wanted to bring something new to the table which will hopefully be continued in the following years to come. Instead of a tournament, we will be doing a one day Battle Royale where all the best S/M armies will battle it out. More on how this competition will work will be released later in July when it will be held. Who will win CPA Network’s first ever S/M Battle Royale?



Graphics Competition


One of the most underrated yet important aspects of this community is Graphics. All successful armies often have top quality graphics as an army that looks nice to eye is appealing to many new recruits. Graphic Designers however frequently get unnoticed or uncredited so we wanted to host a tournament to give these workers the recognition they deserve. Last year, Zamb hosted a similar Graphics Tournament for CP Army Hub and we wanted to continue this tradition so Graphic Designers all around the community can participate. This competition shall be held in July and more details regarding the competition will be announced when the competition time comes around. Who will be the best Graphic Designer?



Legends Inductions


Since 2006, this community has had thousands of different people come and go. Hundreds of different armies have made their mark on the community. Yet only a very small handful of people have been able to capture the prestigious title of legend. This is the most valuable title one can hold in this community and this summer, we are excited to have the inductions held. In recent years, we have seen legends inductions go wrong with undeserving people being inducted, however this year we know that will not be the case. We are working with the Legends Board with committee heads being legendary figures Iceyfeet, Mchappy, and Kingfunks and the S/M committee head being Orange. The full process the board conducts will clarified and viewers will be given a chance to see all the nominees, The full board will be released when the inductions occur, however we can say that the board is composed of only legends. Who do you think made their mark in 2021 to be voted in as legend?



CPA Olympics


This summer, we will finally see the 2020 Summer Olympics be held in Japan. The Olympics have been one of the oldest and noblest traditions for countries and athletes to participate in. Similarly, we have decided that we would host our very own CPA Olympics. In this fun tournament, armies will be able to have different representatives participate in many different games and competitions. We want this to be a fun event that encourages community involvement and gives all armies a fair chance to win an extremely fun competition. As like the Olympics do in real life, at the end of the competition all the medals will be added up and we will see which army has the most medals. Who will win the CPA Olympics this Summer?



Summer Awards


After a very long and eventful Summer, we want to continue the tradition and host our very own Summer Awards! There will be a large number of different awards armies can win. These include “Biggest Army” and “Biggest Rise”. There will also be a number of individual awards such as “Best Leader” and “Biggest Retirement”. There will also be “Funny Awards” given out. These awards and so many more will be announced near the end of the Summer when the awards are ready to be given. These awards will include a viewer vote so the community will be able to give their input on what they believe! Who will take home the most awards this Summer?



End of Summer Celebration


With so much fun events occurring this Summer and school having to end the fun, we decided that there was only one way to end the Summer: End of Summer Celebration! We want to have a community wide party where everybody can come and enjoy time together. Discuss all the fun memories we had this Summer, play some fun games together, and of course have a little fun roasting each other. We want people to create memories this summer and this party will be our final treat for the community.




So that is all the big events we have in store for you this Summer! However, we are not just limited to what we announced as we plan on having many other community events such as game nights and possibly movie nights and karaoke nights. As someone who has been a part of this community for almost 10 years now, I can tell you that summer is always the highlight of the year for the community. So do not just sit back this summer and watch everything happen, go out and make a move! You will not have any fun if you just sit back, so go out there and have fun. I am very excited for what this summer will be like for the community. Lets make Summer 2021 one to remember here at CPA Network!

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