CPA Network Official Opening!

Hello CPA Community!

Today marks the official opening of our brand new league: CPA Network. We have been working extremely hard behind the scenes to bring the community a brand new league and today will be the opening. There may be a lot of questions about how this league will work and we will be answering all those questions in this post.

Why Create CPA Network?

CPA Network was created in order to bring the community a fair, safe league. Earlier in the year, a tournament was held which experienced a lot of controversy. Our goal is to make sure issues like that do not occur. The community has also been stagnant for the better part of 2021, so we want to bring new elements to bring the fun and competitiveness back into the community. One principle that we value extremely is user safety and that will be our number one goal. We want CPA Network to be a safe environment for everybody and we will do whatever we can to make sure of that.

How will this League run?

As opposed to past leagues that had one or two people in charge of everything, we decided that we wanted to have a different structure. Instead, we will feature a League Board that will compose an equal amount of representatives from many armies across the league. This board will help create different rules, assist with the media portion, and host our special events. The board is still being worked on, however once it is finalized, it will be announced! We will also have advisors alongside the board members to help give input on how things will be ran. Furthermore, we will also have the army representative system back as well so every single army will be able to have a voice. All of this will be explained in deeper detail soon!

How can I work for the League?

As of right now, we have openings in every single position. These positions include judges, reporters, moderators, and much more! Right now, all the positions on the discord are only temporary and they will be revamped once we have applicants. We encourage everybody to apply as we want as many people in all the positions as possible. You may find the application on our Apply page! We are looking to have a wide variety of armies represented amongst our entire staff team!

What can I expect from this League?

We have an abundance of different exciting projects and elements that we will be announcing very soon. We will be bringing back ideas that made this community fun while also adding in new and original elements. Our goal is to give all armies a platform to experience fun and give armies a reason to compete again. We are working on bringing back the popular Server Map for all armies to use. We also have a lot of projects that will be announced for the summer so stay tuned for all of that.

Concluding Remarks

We have spent almost half of 2021 without a league and it is time we change that. Amidst all the controversary caused by the tournament held earlier this year, we will make sure to avoid that. We want to bring the community the best league that is fair and safe for everybody. We want to create a healthy community for CPA by creating more interaction and community events to keep everybody involved and active! This league marks a new era for the CPA community so I hope everybody is ready. Let’s do this.

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