What If: Two Major Armies Merged to Dominate The Army World?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The 2nd edition of What If? will cover a rather extreme scenario. What if two major armies merged to dominate the army world? This will be a hypothetical scenario, meaning that I wont specify which two armies would merge. However, the size of these two armies would be large enough so that they could dominate the community. How would such a merge impact the community, and how would the other armies react?

Disclaimer: This post contains the views of the writer as an individual, and not of the CP Army Headquarters as a whole.

One of the obvious implications is that this new ‘Super Army’ would likely win every tournament that takes place. Their maxes would be too large for any army to compete with them.  The only way they could be challenged is if armies could ally with each other. However, this would never happen in a tournament. This would make tournaments much more predictable and boring as the winner would never change.

Another consequence of this merge would involve a takeover of the map. If the goal of an army is domination, having land is critical. This merge would allow this army to successfully invade any piece of land at any time. This would cause a major issue for other armies as they would have no land to own. Furthermore, in their quest for domination, they would find any excuse to go to war with the other armies, which would result in conquering their land, or perhaps even destroying some of the small/medium armies. 

Footage from a Rebel Penguin Federation event

There are two possible scenarios that I see occurring in an attempt to fight against this merged army. The first scenario would involve the other armies creating an alliance to defend themselves against the “Super Army.” While some of these armies may be in conflict with each other, they would most likely put aside their differences for this cause. Together, they would declare war on the merged army. The goal would be to take back whatever land they could. This land would likely be split between these armies through a variety of trade agreements. 

The second scenario would involve creating a motion to kick the merged army out of community competitions all together. This would involve a vote in which the grand majority would likely be in favor of the exile. As a result, the army would no longer take part in community affairs. This would include Top 10s, tournaments, etc… However, they would be permitted to rejoin these activities if they reversed the army merge.

Overall, this merge would likely cause short term damage as all land would be taken, and all battles would be won by the merged army. However, other armies would eventually rise up and fight against the dominating army. 

Do you believe this could have gone another way? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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  1. Pran May 25, 2021 (3:26 pm)

    i mean it probably wouldn’t last anyways, if you’re talking about major armies, you can look back to the Warriors army… sure, they weren’t exactly “major” compared to now, but they were certainly the biggest then. The fact that you can keep an army merged with the two largest armies, without issues in the leadership or HCOM would be pretty surprising

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