What If Order 67 Returned?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Welcome to the first renewed edition of What If, where we look at various scenarios within the CPA community, and analyze them to see the result. This week, we answer the question- What would happen if Order 67 returned in the modern CP era?

Disclaimer: This post contains the views of the writer as an individual, and not of the CP Army Headquarters as a whole. This may be considered as a personal opinion based post or an editorial.

Order 67 was based off of Star Wars’ Order 66. In 2008, Nachos, Army Of Club Penguin, Rebel Penguin Federation, Underground Mafias Army, and Ice Warriors declared war on all small/medium armies. These major armies were comprised of an alliance called the Army National Treaty Alliance. Furthermore, the Club Penguin United Nations was another alliance formed by mainly small armies. This alliance allowed small armies to cooperate and help each other. Once NATA declared Order 67, many of these small armies united under CPUN to defend themselves. Unfortunately, The war ended up destroying many of these small/medium armies. But what if Order 67 returned? How would such an event transpire?

The first question to consider is, which major armies would declare this war? In 2008’s Order 67, the armies involved were the only major armies at that time. However, there are currently nine major armies in the league. Furthermore, it is very unlikely that all the major armies would be united in this cause. Some of the major armies would support the war, while the others would not. This would be due to the damage that was done 13 years ago as a result of the war. It is hard to say which armies specifically would support the war. Therefore, I will only claim that there would be a divide between the major armies.  The major armies that are against Order 67 would either not participate, or assist the small/medium armies.

It’s also important to know why these new executors would declare Order 67. Back in 2008, the major armies initiating the war claimed it was due to the lack of respect from the small/medium armies. It must be noted that then-ACP leader and Order 67 propagator, Fort57, stated that the intention behind the war was to unite the participating small/medium armies into a super alliance that NATA could ally with. However, I believe that the true intention in the modern era would be for power, due to high fluctuations in the Top Ten. In the past few weeks, there have been many changes in the Top Ten ranks. In turn, this would cause some armies to become power hungry. This means that the major armies lusting for more power would ally to declare Order 67.

The Declaration of Order 67 from NATA

The final point that must be analyzed is the impact of the war. The supporting armies of Order 67 would form an alliance and make a declaration post. As in 2008, all small/medium armies would be subject to termination. The post would also declare that any major army who refuses to support Order 67 would also be targeted.

However, perhaps the outcome wouldn’t be as severe as 2008’s Order 67.  While it is plausible that some of the small/medium armies would perish, it would most likely be less than the original Order 67. The major armies that don’t agree with Order 67 would likely help the small/medium ones. This would give the small/medium armies more of an advantage. Furthermore, the community would be more divided than in 2008. The original order 67 was simply NATA vs CPUN. However, in the modern era, the lack of agreement between the major armies would make the two sides more complex. Therefore, it would be harder to execute order 67, due to lack of support from some of the major armies.

Overall, I believe that Order 67 in the modern CP era would not carry as much weight as it did in 2008. A few small armies would die out, while most of them would likely pull through. My prediction is that many would learn from the atrocities that occurred in 2008, and would therefore be hesitant to support Order 67.

Do you believe this could have gone another way? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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