The Top Ten: A Statistical Overview

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – With the latest top ten released earlier today, your favourite statistical mastermind got out his calculator and looked at the Top Ten statistics over the last couple of months since the inception of CPAHQ.

The graph below shows the performance of all of the major armies since CP Army HQ’s first top ten on February 14th, 2021. Along the vertical axis you will find their top ten scores, whilst along the horizontal axis you will see the top ten dates. To make this clearer S/M armies were not included, and only armies that have been classified as ‘major’ (achieving a size points score of 20 or above) were included in the graph. An analysis of this graph is seen later on in the post.

Top Ten Facts

  • Four armies have held the number one spot: RPF, ACP, HF and IW
  • The Ice Warriors were first for eight consecutive Top Tens.
  • The Water Vikings are the only other army to enter the Top Four at any point.
  • Rebel Penguin Federation recorded the highest score of 94.95.
  • From the 14th of February, the Help Force have risen by over twenty points.
  • Silver Empire and Templars are the only other armies to have entered the Top Five at any point.


We can see from this graph that, generally, there has been a big gap between the top four armies (IW, RPF, ACP and HF) and the rest of the top ten. This gap has only been breached on one top ten on the 14th of March by the Water Vikings. The gap in recent weeks between 4th and 5th has been as high as 20 points, showing a significant difference in size. The spots outside the top four have largely been a competition between WV, SE and Templars, with the Doritos joining in more recently. The three previous armies have interchanged between the 5th position, with WV taking it on more occasions, despite dropping in size after the March Madness tournament.

Below is a graph showing the top four armies in closer detail, to highlight much closer any rises or drops in performance. We can see that the Ice Warriors were truly dominant in the army community for two consecutive months, although they were closely followed by the Rebel Penguin Federation. The Army of CP showed a notable rise, particularly through early April as they became a challenger for the number one spot. It is only in recent weeks that the Help Force have been a major contender for the other three armies, with a new leadership sparking a remarkable rise to the top. Other notable trends include a small dip in score from the Ice Warriors over the later end of April and early May, although they are very much still in close touch with the other three armies. The Rebel Penguin Federation are the other trend that stands out, although it is more of an ‘up and down’ rollercoaster from RPF who were unpredictable week on week.

The main thing that comes out of this graph is that the competition is high between these four armies, as well as the rest of the major army community. There was a particular rise that came from the March Madness tournament, with all armies on this graph rising towards the end of March in a bid to win the tournament. The future is hard to predict, and needless to say the trends and performances of these armies will change in the near future.

It will be interesting to see if and how this changes in the future, but now we want to hear what YOU think. Will any new armies contend for the top spots, and will any struggle in particular as we enter the summer months?


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