Dying Embers – Crimson Guardians Shutdown

KLONDIKE, CP Army HQ – Shortly following a brief hiatus, the Crimson Guardians have announced their closure.

Formed by Tsanami in August 2019, the Crimson Guardians quickly gained power in the community. Within months after their creation, they started recording record high sizes, such as 22 and 26. Briefly following the controversy with Club Penguin Online in 2020, the army jumped ship, moving to Club Penguin Rewritten. Over the summer, Bean Pea was added to the leadership team. This new edition wouldn’t last long, as Bean Pea would retire in October, paving way for Landless promotion to commander. Along with Tsanami’s retirement in December, the army hasn’t really been up to much within the HTML era.

Crimson Guardians Battle

Crimson Guardians Fjord Frenzy vs. IW – 2020

On April 20th, an event was posted in the Crimson Guardian’s discord entitled “The Finale”. This event was scheduled for the 25th, where the Guardians would log on for a final time.

Final Event

Announcement of “The Finale”

24 Guardians logged on for the final time. In a barrage of tactics and formations, they sent the army off with a bang.

Final CG Event

CP Army HQ reached out to Tsanami on her thoughts about the closure of the Crimson Guardians.

Why did you decide to shut down the Crimson Guardians?

We’re tired.

What’s your favorite memory with the army?

My favorite memory with the army is a tough question. I’d say my favorite event memory in recent history would have to be the battle versus Midnight Troops or my retirement event last December. Overall though I have many fond memories of Crimson Guardians outside of events, including vc parties, fun events we’ve done, etc.

Will the Guardians ever make a comeback?

I can’t say for certain that they will. If someone wanted to bring them back though, I don’t think Beni or I would be entirely opposed to the idea.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I just want to say thank you to anyone who has supported Crimson Guardians up till now :EH~9:
Since their creation back in 2019, the Crimson Guardians have produced great event results. It’s certainly sad to see a staple of the S/M community close their doors.

What do YOU think? Will the Crimson Guardians ever make a return to the army community? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!


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