Sidie9 and Emma Retire From PIC Leadership

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – On April 17th, People’s Imperial Confederation creator Sidie9 and leader Emma announced their retirement. This comes as a huge blow to the army as they lose two of their top leaders. Who are these two leaders, and why did they retire? 

The People’s Imperial Confederation is a small/medium army created in 2019 by Sidie9 and Sirproditor. Ever since their creation, the army has been a dominant player in the Club Penguin Armies game. The army took part in various wars, including the famous World War Rewritten. In more recent times, the army has proved their mettle more than once, placing high on the Top Ten Armies list during 2020, as well as 2021. The Confeds often max 12+ and placed 9th on the most recent Top Ten Armies list.

PIC maxing 12 at an event

Sidie9, the creator of the army and current leader, first joined armies in 2011 as a member of the Ice Warriors. Starting her career with an objective to make the concept of a strong “AUSIA Division” a reality, she later went on to become a leader of the Army of Club Penguin in 2015. It was during this period that Sidie9 also became a legend in the Clovers army. After returning to the community in 2019, Sidie9 created the Confederates alongside Sirproditor. She even solo led the Confederates for a while. During her career, she stacked a lot of achievements and helped the Confederates grow stronger.

Emma, also known as Lunch Room, is one of the co leaders of the People’s Imperial Confederation. Before joining the Confederates, she was a member of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin. She also led the Tamales of CP in the past.

On April 17th, the two leaders released a joint website post announcing their retirement from leadership. The website post was also announced in their Discord server, causing a lot of woeful goodbyes and lots of old memories to be shared in the chats.

The two leaders hosted a retirement event on April 18th, to bid adieu to the troops and their fellow leaders. The event itself was a huge success and the Confederates maxed a whopping 20 troops online. However, it was cut short in the middle as CPR struck down on the event and started banning the penguins for an apparently harmless tactic. Despite that, lots of memories were made and the army successfully saw their leaders sail into retirement island.

PIC at the Retirement Event

To find out more about their stories and the reasons behind their retirement, CP Army Headquarters reached out to Sidie9 and Emma.

Interview with Sidie9

Why did you decide to retire from the army?

Emma and I are retiring for numerous reasons. I created PIC almost 2 years ago, and I have led alongside Emma for almost as long. We have done our best to make PIC a wonderful community that so many people of all ages can call home, and as I’ve gotten older the main motivator as leader had become seeing the joy and happiness that PIC gives its community. It has reached a point where PIC can continue to thrive and survive without me, and it is time for me after 10 years in this community to focus more on my personal life.

What are your favorite memories from leading the Confeds?

I would definitely say the CPAM Challengers Cup battles with the Aliens and Crimson Guardians, the close bond that had developed within our High Command, fun practice battles – especially with the Ice Warriors – and the plethora of hilarious conversations and inside jokes that we had.

What do you feel were your biggest accomplishments with the army?

I had no clue PIC would blow up as much as it did, even if we weren’t Major (though I have great faith in the new leadership to reach it). PIC has definitely become one of the most important and staple Small/Medium armies in the CPPS era of armies, placing 7th on the CPAH Top Ten CPR Armies of 2020, landing runner-up in the Challengers Cup and consistently featuring in the Top Ten, so far without fail in this generation. I am so proud of everything we have achieved. I feel my goals have been surpassed, and I believe the future era of PIC will blow me away even more!

Interview with Emma

What was the reason for your retirement?

I think it was just time for me personally to retire! I had a good run in this community but I think it’s time for me to move on. As I get older, I need more and more time to myself to figure things out in my personal life.

How would you describe being a leader of the confederates?

Being a leader of the Confederates was a fantastic experience. I absolutely love being a leader alongside three other amazing people. All of the members of this army are amazing and I love them all so much, they all made it a great experience on a daily basis. Most of the time I spent VCing with my comrades.

Anything else that you wanna add?

To the troops – Yes, I will still be in the server so you can’t get rid of me yet! 🙂 I will miss being your leader, but it has been a great experience! To anyone else reading this – Make sure to take care of yourself and I hope you know this community will fail without me! 🙂

Even though these two amazing leaders leave the People’s Imperial Confederation, they are still in gear to keep growing and dominating the army scenario. However, it will be interesting to see how the current leaders and HCOM cope up without the two veterans.

What do YOU think? Will PIC continue to stay on top despite these two retirements? Let us know in the commends section below!

Scorpion Demon

CP Army Headquarters Editor

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  1. Guncotton April 18, 2021 (3:42 pm)

    Happy retirement!

  2. Superhero123 April 18, 2021 (3:50 pm)

    Sidie9 is a true legend of the AUSIA division, you will be greatly missed! Emma I don’t know you that well but you seemed chill and I am sure the community will be worse without you :((.

    • Sidie9 April 18, 2021 (3:55 pm)

      I love you Super!!! <3

  3. ChilledNico April 18, 2021 (3:54 pm)


    • Superhero123 April 18, 2021 (3:59 pm)

      Im a simp ngl :((

    • DMT April 19, 2021 (7:11 pm)


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