This Week in CPA History: Operation Sour

KLONDIKE, CP Army HQ – Welcome to the first edition of This Week in CPA History, where we dive in each week into our precious history! This week we will be looking into Operation Sour, the attack against the small and medium armies!

On April 10, 2011, a leader from the Nachos of Club Penguin named TanMan626 posted on the Nachos website, that he heard about a small/medium army claiming Fjord, which was Nachos’ land. Interested in what was happening, Tan researched more about this to find that the Iron Fist Army had claimed Fjord as their own. Tan was furious with the army, and the audacity of claiming a major army’s server.

In response, Tan worked on mobilizing a force of Nachos, Ice Warriors, and Army of Club Penguin troops to carry out Operation: Sour. This operation was in the works for a while, aiming to take down small and medium armies that were greedy. Together, the three armies created the “Fruit Alliance”.

The Fruit Alliance

The Fruit Alliance challenged all small and medium armies and tested to see which armies were brave enough to challenge the major armies. Many of the veterans that remained during this time remembered Order 67, an infamous decree based on the Star Wars “Order 66”. Essentially, Order 67 consisted of the Army and Nation Treaty Alliance, the major army alliance attacking the small and medium armies, who rebelled in the form of their CP United Nations. With Operation Sour, the intents were much less intense from both sides, however.

Battle Map for “Operation Sour”

Soon after Operation Sour was announced, troops from the Army of Club Penguin started criticizing this move, which soon turned into a small riot within the ACP. The leaders of the alliance worked together to figure out a way to stop this riot. Their only option was to cancel Operation Sour. The cause was justified by the leaders, but the troops didn’t agree.

The small and medium armies thought the major armies were bullying them. The major armies thought they were doing a favour to unite them. In a reflection post of Operation Sour, Shaboomboom an Army of Club Penguin leader said the following:

Army of Club Penguin Reflection Post

Operation Sour was a failure, but the public motives that the Army of Club Penguin had behind this operation were certainly not malicious. Order 67 and Operation Sour both had intents that were for the progression of armies; however, they were not successful. The small and medium armies did unite for short periods of times, but major armies weren’t able to see this unification on the battlefield. Operation Sour is an important part of CPA history and could serve to be an inspiration for a future war.

What do YOU think? Will the Order 67 ever return? Will it ever serve as an inspiration for future endeavours?
Let us know what YOU think in the comments!


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