‘The Color Wars’ Community Event Marks 15 Year Anniversary

ASCENT, The Color Wars Battle Server – All eyes in the community were looking towards Ascent today as the biggest community event of April saw four of the largest armies pit against one another in an exciting 2006-inspired Color Wars battle. With over 150 members online, which team came out on top? 

The four competing teams began hyping this community event earlier in the week, gathering up much anticipation and excitement on their respective Discord servers. The Silver Empire donned red, the Water Vikings represented team blue, the Help Force yellow and the Army of Club Penguin green.

Army of CP Temporary Commander-in-Chief, Max, announced the details on the Shamrock Bulletin yesterday, stating the Color Wars battle would also serve as the launch for the Army of CP’s ‘ACP History Week‘. Likewise, the event marks 15 years since the activity of the original Color Wars, also known as World War I, which paved the way for more established armies to operate in the proceeding years. As further explained in a Shamrock Bulletin article this morning, the battle would be led solely in-game, with no voice chat, Discord leading or big word bubbles present:

Just as it would have been like in 2006, there will be little organisation in battle. This means no voice chat orders or leading from the Discord server – the room name can be announced on the Discord, but after that, it will all be in-game orders. There will be lots of “OPEN FIRE!” snowball chants, alongside instructions such as: “ANRGY FACE CHARGE” and “IGLOOS INTO PLUS”. Make sure you are focusing on the leaders penguin for orders throughout the event. Formations and word tactics are allowed if led in-game, but big word bubbles should be avoided at all costs! The battle rooms have also been chosen based on the common battling locations from the time.

The 30-minute fun-filled battle saw the four colored teams come to blows across three different rooms – each ten minutes witnessing two teams fight it out before moving on to a new room and new opponent. This unique spin on the battle was to allow for more participants to enter the rooms and to reduce the effects of CP Rewritten lag.

The Twitter hashtag #CPRColorWars even caught the attention of several well-known CP Rewritten bloggers and Developer Gravix, who paid a visit and wished the participating armies well before the launch of the war.

The first round saw the Greens take on the Blues at the Dojo, while the Yellows and Reds battled it out at the Ice Berg. The second meeting witnessed the Greens and Reds clash in the Boiler Room and Underground Pool, alongside a skirmish between the Blues and Yellows by the Docks. Finally, the third and final round witnessed a Green vs. Yellow Snow Fort battle and a Blue and Red match-up in the Stadium. After the battles had finished, the four competing armies met-up for some friendly emote sharing at the Dojo – the birth location of the Color Wars 15 years ago.

It was decided, as per the conclusion of 2006 Color Wars itself, that no single army would be the sole victor. However, the four armies were all winners following the successful battle – closer in their bond with each other and excited for more community events in the future. CP Army HQ will of course be covering them all.


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