March Madness Elite Eight Predictions

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – With the Outstanding Octet surpassed, the 4 winning armies head off to battle the top 4 armies in the Elite Eight.

This week we walk into the territory of the top 4 armies of CPArmies. With the victors of the Outstanding Octet declared, will these 4 armies continue to fight into the Final Four, or will the Elite Eight be the end of the road? Let’s see what some of the predictions say!

Day One


Army of Club Penguin vs Water Vikings

Starting off the Elite Eight, we see the nail-biting battle between this weeks 3rd and 4th Armies in the Top Ten. With Water Vikings climbing up in ranks and the Army of Club Penguin being right ahead of them, will the ACP dominate through their Shamrock Luck or will the Water Vikings wave over a triumphant victory?



DMT, Director-in-Chief: Water Vikings
Kingfunks4, Board of Advisors: Water Vikings
Snork, Board of Advisors: Army of Club Penguin
Fusion, Content Manager: Army of Club Penguin
Swrly, Content Manager: Army of Club Penguin

Ice Warriors vs Special Weapons and Tactics

Ice Warriors, securing themselves a 1st position in this weeks Top Ten is set to battle the Special Weapons and Tactics. SWAT, climbing up in their ranks through the Top Ten flawlessly secured a win in the Outstanding Octet. Will they bring a fight against the Ice Warriors worth talking about the whole winter, or will the Ice Warriors freeze out SWAT and proceed into the next round?



DMT, Director-in-Chief: Ice Warriors
Kingfunks4, Board of Advisors: Ice Warriors
Snork, Board of Advisors: Ice Warriors
Fusion, Content Manager: Ice Warriors
Swrly, Content Manager: Ice Warriors


Day Two


Rebel Penguin Federation vs Red Ravagers

The Rebel Penguin Federation, always in a battle for 1st place sees themselves going up against the Red Ravagers. Although a noticeable size difference, the Ravagers proved themselves and their capabilities in the previous round. Will the Red Ravagers continue to get stronger in the next battle or will the Rebels continue to be undefeated?



DMT, Director-in-Chief: Rebel Penguin Federation
Kingfunks4, Board of Advisors: Rebel Penguin Federation
Snork, Board of Advisors: Rebel Penguin Federation
Fusion, Content Manager: Rebel Penguin Federation
Swrly, Content Manager: Rebel Penguin Federation


Help Force vs Silver Empire

Help Force, seeing themselves lose a position in the latest Top Ten, is set to face the Silver Empire. The Silvers, moving up the Top Ten are in close pursuit of the Help Force, but will Help Force surprise the community with their high maxes or will the Empire go against all odds and crush the Force?


DMT, Director-in-Chief: Help Force
Kingfunks4, Board of Advisors: Help Force
Snork, Board of Advisors: Help Force
Fusion, Content Manager: Help Force
Swrly, Content Manager: Silver Empire

With the predictions favoring the bigger armies, can we expect the unexpected in this years March Madness? Who do you think will win? Let us know your thoughts and comments below! 


CP Army Headquarters Reporter

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