Top Ten Armies [3/7/21-3/13/21]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – As the March Madness launches with the Outstanding Octet round, one army breaks into the top four, which had previously been unchanged for the entire year.

1. Ice Warriors [+0] [78.75]

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [77.62] 

3. Army of Club Penguin [+0] [70.69]

4. Water Vikings [+1] [65.04]

5. Help Force [-1] [63.73]

6. Silver Empire [+1] [48.92]

7. Templars [-1] [41.66]

8. Special Weapons and Tactics [+1] [33.50]

9. People’s Imperial Confederation [-1] [32.99]

10. Red Ravagers [+1] [28.90]

<><><><>Close to Top Ten<><><><>

11. Pizza Federation [NEW!] [23.00]

12. Fire Warriors [-2] [21.00]

13T. Coffee Bean Army [-1] [10.50]

13T. Blue Ravagers [NEW!] [10.50]

15T. Royal Penguins [-3] [9.50]

15T. Post Malone Army [NEW!] [9.50]

17. Cries Cult [-5] [8.50]

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1. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors had a quite busy week with 6 events. They kicked off the week with a classic AUSIA miners takeover, maxing 43. Next they held a training and Ice Race event which saw an impressive 54 troops attending. They continued their good run with an AUSIA training event, maxing 45 troops, and then a branch practice battle against the People’s Imperial Confederation maxing 40 ice warriors. Following this they hosted an EU practice battle, seeing a wonderful 49 troops attending. Finally to finish their week, the Ice Warriors went up against the Red Ravagers in a practice battle, maxing 44 warriors in attendance.

2. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation kept their swift pace up, holding nine events again this week. Their first event this week was a branch battle that maxed 44. Next, their AUSIA event put on their Ski Gear for a themed event, maxing 29. Following that, 51 troops celebrated the arrival of Spring in the US Division’s next event. Their EU and AUSIA Divisions held their own training events to prepare for the March Madness tournament, maxing 39 and 30. Their EU Division then wore Little Red Riding Hood outfits for their next themed event, with a max of 47. Next, 43 Rebels took part in a Scavenger Hunt that was won by Z3ming. Their AUSIA Division cooked up a tasty Pizza themed event after that, maxing 30. To finish off a busy week for the Rebels, they had another training in preparation for the upcoming tournament, that 50 troops attended.

3. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin had an interesting week that saw 9 total events take place. First, they began the week with an AUSIA training, where 36 troops attended. Later that day, they celebrated Women’s Day with 43 of their troops. The Clovers then held an EU training, where they achieved a max of 30. The AUSIA division returned on the 10th with another event, this time with a platoon of 35. That same day, ACP took on the Silver Empire in a mini game tournament, garnering 27 troops total. On Thursday, the EU and US divisions reached sizes of 31 at an elaborate treasure hunt, where the treasure turned out to be some old geezer (I’m sorry Boomer please don’t hurt me). The day after that, the EU division once again held an event, this time only getting around 23 troops logged on. To conclude the week, Oagal’s faithful held a movie night and a division battle, where they reached sizes of 31 and 33, respectively.

4. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings had 5 impressive events this week. Continuing with their aggression in the Golden Seas War, they held their final battle against the Templars where they maxed 45. Next, they had a “Golden Seas War Victory Parade” where they maxed 45 again. The next day, they held a retirement for their oldest troop, Moses, maxing 40. Then, they had a practice battle against their allies, the Silver Empire where they maxed 26. Finally, they participated in their first March Madness round against the impressive CPAHQ Staff, with a max of 46 Vikings.

5. Help Force: The Help Force were busy this week, with 4 events. First, they had an international branch battle event with the Red Ravagers, where they maxed 36. A few days later, they had their second event for the week with an AUSIA Miner Takeover, where they maxed 35 helpers. Later that day, they had an EU Branch Battle, this time against the ACP Divisions, where they maxed 29. They had one last event that day, for their 3rd anniversary, where they maxed an impressive 53.

6. Silver Empire: Silver Empire had a busy week again, holding five events. Their US Division maxed 24 at a training to kick off the week. Next, their EU Division had a coffee themed event where they had their highest max this week of 30. 19 troops went to an AUSIA cart surfer tournament after that. Their US Division followed this with a fun joint event with the Army of Club Penguin, maxing 23. To conclude an exciting week for the Silver Empire, their EU Division had a practice battle with the Water Vikings, with a max of 21.

7. Templars: The Templars had another eventful week, with 4 events. They started the week off with an impressive Reform Training, where they maxed 24. Next, they had an AUSIA training with a max of 22. Then, they had a Staff U-Lead with a max of 27. Finally, they had another training to end the week with a max of 25.

8. Special Weapons and Tactics: SWAT held just two events this week, both pertaining to their battle in the Outstanding Octet of March Madness 2021. On Friday, they prepared for their battle with 23 troops in attendance. When the date of the battle arrived, SWAT maxed 24 and took the win over the Peoples Imperial Confederation.

9. People’s Imperial Confederation: The People’s Imperial Confederation had a busy week with 4 events. They started the week with an AUSIA hellomarch event, maxing 10 troops. Another AUSIA treasure hunt event after some days saw 10 troops attending once again. Later that day they took part in a practice battle against the Pizza Federation of CP, maxing a superb 16 troops. To conclude the week they battled against the SWAT of CP in the first round of the March Madness tournament, which saw a max of 15 troops.

10. Red Ravagers: Red Ravagers had a total of five events this week in the lead up to the March Madness tournament, with lots of training and battles held. They started the week with two training events that maxed 11 and 9 respectively. They followed that with an AUSIA branch battle, that 12 Ravagers attended. Their US Division then held a Practice Battle against the Ice Warriors, with a max of 13. Finally, 7 troops went to another EU Training Event.

In the top ten this week we saw some interesting shifts, most notably the Water Vikings overtaking Help Force to place in the top four. The Ice Warriors continue to be the number one army, but their lead on the Rebel Penguin Federation is closed to around just one point, whilst the Army of CP comfortably retained their third spot. The bottom half of the top ten saw a lot of movement, with armies shifting one spot either up or down. The Red Ravagers are the new army on this listings top ten, replacing the Fire Warriors who fell to 12th. This was the largest list we have had so far, with 17 armies in total!
What do YOU think about the top ten this week? Did anything surprise you, what will happen in the next edition of the top ten? Let us know YOUR opinion in the comments.


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