March Madness Outstanding Octet Predictions

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – With March off to a good start for armies, it’s time for CPAHQ’s first tournament, the March Madness!

This week, we begin the year’s first tournament! Of course, an army tournament isn’t complete without the predictions of the CPAHQ staff! With 2 days of battles set up for 8 armies, who will proceed to battle in the Elite Eight?

Day One

Peoples Imperial Confederation vs Special Weapons and Tactics

Two armies of equal strength are expected to kick off the tournament, who will prove to be the better one? With the CPAHQ Representatives’ votes almost tied up but in the favor of Special Weapons and Tactics, who will come out victorious?


DMT, Director-in-Chief: Peoples Imperial Confederation
Kingfunks4, Board of Advisors: Special Weapons and Tactics
Snork, Board of Advisors: Peoples Imperial Confederation
Fusion, Content Manager: Special Weapons and Tactics
Swrly, Content Manager: Special Weapons and Tactics

Day Two

Templars of Club Penguin vs Red Ravagers

Templars, holding 6th place in this week’s Top Ten, seem to be getting stronger but Red Ravagers on the other hand lost their 10th place position on the Top Ten. The Representatives votes favor in the hands of Templars. Will this major difference in the Top Ten, result in a very predictable win, or will the Ravagers shock everyone?


DMT, Director-in-Chief: Templars of Club Penguin
Kingfunks4, Board of Advisors: Templars of Club Penguin
Snork, Board of Advisors: Templars of Club Penguin
Fusion, Content Manager: Red Ravagers
Swrly, Content Manager: Templars of Club Penguin

Silver Empire vs Fire Warriors

The battle between Silver Empire and Fire Warriors may be a sight to see. With the Silver Empire losing 2 positions in the latest Top Ten and Fire Warriors emerging in 10th position as a new army, anyone could be a winner.  The representatives’ prediction is in the favor of Silver Empire. Will Fire Warriors surprise everyone being a new army, or will the older army be the victor?


DMT, Director-in-Chief: Silver Empire
Kingfunks4, Board of Advisors: Silver Empire
Snork, Board of Advisors: Silver Empire
Fusion, Content Manager: Silver Empire
Swrly, Content Manager: Silver Empire

And so it begins, March Madness 2021, the first-ever tournament hosted by the CPAHQ. Which of the staff do you think got the predictions right? What are your predictions? Let us know in the comments below!


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