Cosmo’s Retirement from the Rebels

TUXEDO, RPF Capital – After rejoining the Rebel Penguin Federation’s Leadership last year in August, RPF’s Rebel Commander, Cosmo has retired to continue with IRL leaving Elexonck and F6sixer to continue the leadership.

Cosmo rejoined the Rebel Penguin Federation in late-august last year as the 109th Leader of RPF with 4 things in mind under the label “Operation: Ascension

1) Big AUSIA,
2) Earn the respect as a former RPF leader,
3) Re-earn all HCOM ranks, and last but not least
4) Get Rebel Commander again.
Number 4 is the same as #3 but it’s just different to get Rebel Commander again. These goals are basically “Operation: Ascension”.

With many accomplishments like winning the Legends Cup X, Christmas Chaos X as well as the Fright or Fright Tournament, Cosmo is a very influential leader and has made a positive impact on RPF. Along with massive victories for the army, the AUSIA Commander also brought RPF from constantly hitting 80+ to breaking its previous AUSIA max record of 83+ to a high max of 102+ for its AUSIA event. Another goal Cosmo achieved during his leadership, was a max of 162 in its Semi-Final and 155 in the Finals of the Legends Cup X.

With the retirement, Cosmo believes to have succeeded in his goal, “Operation: Ascension”. CPAHQ reached out to him to find out what his plans are and what he sees RPF as in the future.

Jayden: Hey Cosmo, to start off, why retire now?

Cosmo: So basically, I wanted to retire quite some time ago, back in September and November. Because college and RPF were just clashing with each other. I’ve also been here a long amount of time so retiring just came to mind. But then I heard that CCX was just around the corner, so why not stay for a bit more and get another trophy for RPF. Which we did 😀

Jayden: Do you think “Operation: Ascension” was a massive success? Do you believe you could have done more with it?

Cosmo: Operation: Ascension was more or less a meme LOL. It’s a common name for our AUSIA training events and sometimes bugs troops out over the fact that’s been used so many times. So I decided to dub my RPF journey as that. And yes i would it was a massive success, there were ups and downs, but RPF always prevailed in the end. Winning all tourneys and being #1 on the TT for the majority of mine & Crazzy’s leadership. I do think I could’ve done more with it, if it weren’t for school and IRL responsibilities being so hard, yknow? Just didn’t have much time to do much with it

Jayden: Do you believe RPF will continue to be the way it is with you retired?

Cosmo: I generally like to think positive about it, but aside from that, I do trust Elex and F6 with the future of RPF. I believe they’ll be able to accomplish great things on their own, and yes RPF will continue the way it was, maybe even better. We’ll just have to see how it goes =]

Jayden: Do you plan on or see yourself joining the army community again in the future?

Cosmo: Not for a while at least. I’m still in the middle of the first year in college lmao, I’d rather I be free from all the studying stuff, and then maybe if I feel like it

Jayden: If it isn’t too personal, what do you plan on doing now that you’ve left armies?

Cosmo: Studying!! I’m gonna focus on my school and on the fact that I’ve national level exams soon lool

Jayden: Finally, do you have anything you would like to say to those that are reading this right now?

Cosmo: Yes, I’d like to say that nothing is more important than your IRL, CPA is fun and all, but if it’s being too hard on you, or on your mental health, it’s alright to take a break from the community. I wanna thank RPF for being such a lovely community that allowed me to be their RC

So it seems that Cosmo is off the army community for now. With that, RPF, for now, will be under the dual leadership of F6sixer and Elexonck. If you would like to read more about Cosmo’s retirement, check out this post here

What do YOU think of Cosmo’s retirement and RPF’s Future? Let us know in the comments below!


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