Blue Against Green: Army of Club Penguin Faces Water Vikings in Practice Battle

KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters – On Saturday, February 27th, the Army of Club Penguin and the Water Vikings faced off in an epic practice battle on Ascent. Another fierce battle without judges, the blue and green allies fought for the whole 30 minutes. But what exactly happened during this battle?

Both the Water Vikings and the Army of Club Penguin place on the top ten frequently, with ACP at 3rd this week and WV at 6th place, with a point differential of 30.63. However, the size difference didn’t stop either from marching out onto the battlefield of Ascent and fighting the battle to the end. At the battle, ACP saw an immense 48 penguin defenders of justice, while WV saw another satisfactory size of 20 Vikings. 


Both armies entered the stadium very quickly, with WV using a 5-line “DESTRUCTION” bomb and ACP using another 5-line bomb of “GREEN JUSTICE”. ACP quickly got into a circle around the Vikings’ clean plus. After a couple of minutes of word and emote tactics, the Water Vikings got up for a diagonal wipe, and then into an X. The green defenders followed with their own horizontal wipe, eventually getting into an underlined plus. After more in-place tactics, both armies did another bomb each before WV got into a circle and ACP went into an underlined V.


Both armies, again, entered quickly, with WV doing a whopping 8-liner “FUNKSWV” bomb versus ACP’s 6-line “AWESOME”. This room was just as quick as the Stadium, with WV going into a strong Upside Down T formation and ACP forming an L. In this room, ACP was the first to move into a bomb and took the anchor from WV, as the Vikings responded with a small wipe and a bomb in an effort to cover ACP’s tactics. ACP did one final big word bomb as the Vikings carried out a big diagonal wipe this time, to cover their green allies’ X, and got into a V formation.

[Snow Forts]

This room saw both armies enter quickly again, with a “HAMSTER” bomb from WV and a “CHARGE” bomb from ACP. Both armies went into formation just as quickly as each other, with a V from the Water Vikings and a plus from the Army of CP. As ACP spread themselves out in their formation, WV took to a diagonal wipe and assembled themselves into a strong upside-down V rather quickly. ACP responded with their own wipe soon after, and WV switched into a plus form, with the Army of Club Penguin forming an anchor. ACP went into a waterfall bomb and as WV also waterfalled, ACP switched to a double diagonal elevator bomb. ACP ended in a clean X formation as WV came into an upside-down T.

With their impressive maxes, Water Vikings and the Army of CP put in an excellent effort to a clean and fun practice battle. Even with ACP’s 20+ size gap over WV, the battle was still very fierce, with tactics flying in fast from both sides. No doubt, the training of both armies paid off, in this epic battle between allies. WV and ACP truly deserved the spots on the Top Ten that they claimed this week.

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