Red Ravagers vs Ice Warriors Battle Review

KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters – Only a few days ago, the Red Ravagers and the Ice Warriors logged onto Abominable and went head to head in an outstanding Practice Battle. During this battle of Red and Blue, the Ice Warriors demonstrated their bewildering sizes, while the Red Ravagers established their lighting-fast tactics – the battle itself was a sight to see. Who went home with the gold?

The Ice Warriors and the Red Ravagers are evidently vastly different armies. Currently, the Ice Warriors are absolutely dominating the weekly Top Ten Armies and are showing no signs of slowing down any time soon; ever since their return, they have had a multitude of events and the occasional Practice Battle, consistently maxing around 50+ penguins. The Red Ravagers, on the other hand, have been competing with various other armies for the tenth spot on the Top Ten, recently maxing heights of up to 16. During the battle itself, the Ice Warriors maxed a bewildering 46 penguins, while the Red Ravagers were behind with 6 in attendance.


Both armies attempted to establish quick dominance in this room, although the Ice Warriors prevailed. Their speed was incredible, their formations were solid, and their tactics fast and frequent. The Red Ravagers, however, put up a fight; they had extremely rapid tactics, decent formations and weren’t intimidated by the size of the Ice Warriors, they gave it their all. During this section of the battle, the Ice Warriors formed numerous flawless formations, including a seemingly perfect “X”. The Red Ravagers, on the other hand, formed a decent diagonal line in this room, piercing through the middle of IW’s X. Both armies exchanged furiously fast-paced tactics throughout the remainder of this room, there were also numerous bombs and formation changes, especially on behalf of the Ice Warriors.

[Inside Mine]

Similarly to the first, both armies entered the Inside Mine extremely quickly and, once again, attempted to establish dominance over the other. Just like in the previous room, both armies traded significant blows in the form of word bubbles. On top of that, their tactics were, once again, at a consistently exhilarating pace. The Red Ravagers once again gave it their all, during this room they had a few decent formations, most notably a horizontal line going across the mine. They had a few bombs here and there, which resulted in a couple of formation changes. Although, for the majority of this room, the Red Ravagers mostly relied on their fast-paced tactics to stay in the fight. In contrast, the Ice Warriors formed numerous fantastic formations, which varied greatly, once again. In the beginning, IW formed a phenomenal upside-down T, they stuck with this formation for a while before eventually deciding to switch things up. They bombed a few times, resulting in some formation changes. Most conspicuously, yet another seemingly flawless X formation.


Immediately after the final room was announced, both the Ice Warriors and Red Ravagers entered with exceptional speed. The Ice Warriors got into a V form straight away and started their tactics and word bubbles at an excellent pace. Shortly after, the Red Ravagers managed to get into a horizontal line at the top of the Docks and they too started dishing out compelling tactics. The Ice Warriors had especially remarkable word tactics in this room, they had a multitude of creative word bubbles, and managed to incorporate them into a few bombs and formation changes. The Red Ravagers, although not as fast-paced as the Ice Warriors, managed to rattle off some decent tactics themselves, they had few bombs but were able to maintain a consistent pace throughout the battle.

Ultimately, both armies put in an excellent effort for the entirety of the Practice Battle. The Ice Warriors had significantly more troops and had cleaner, more consistent formations as well as higher quality tactics. However, the effort that the Red Ravagers put into this event is undoubtedly commendable – they gave it their all.

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