Army of CP and Help Force Engage In Close Battle

CRYSTAL, Army Battle Ground – Last weekend saw a huge milestone as there were numerous battles amongst some of the very biggest armies in the community on CP Rewritten’s HTML5 version. One of the most notable battles was between brother allies the Army of CP and Help Force.

The move from flash to HTML5 was a rocky road and, in combination with concerns about safety and welfare, it saw a halt to army activities for nearly a month. Since CP Rewritten (CPR) launched its new HTML5 version, armies have slowly and hesitantly been launching back into action. Both armies have largely been focusing on individual events, but there have been notable battles including both the Army of CP (ACP) and Help Force (HF) being victorious in friendly battles against the Special Weapons and Tactics.

Both armies had decided it was time to take on a large scale battle and on Saturday February 20th both armies descended onto the server of Crystal for this conflict. Both armies had impressive sizes, with ACP claiming a maximum size of 45, whilst HF reported a top size of 48 troops. This made it a close and exciting battle, with both sides trying to claim victory.


The opening room for this battle was the Docks, with both armies entering extremely quickly at the start of the battle. ACP quickly moved into an ‘A’ shape, whilst HF created an upside down T, albeit with a wavey bottom to avoid the docks in the bottom left. Both armies diid well in this room, with adventurous tactics such as the flicker used by the ACP.

Army of CP and Help Force battle in the opening room, Docks.


The second room was the forest, where both armies performed quick and effective tactics. The main formations in this room saw the ACP create an underlined V formation, whilst HF opted to circle the dock – this made the bottom of the circle a key battleground to cover. The party made it difficult for some formations and tactics, but both armies adapted well. This was a tight call as both armies had similar sizes of just below 40 in the battle room, with equally quick tactics.

HF and ACP battle in the second room, Forest.


The armies then moved on to the final room of the battle, the Stadium. In this room the Army of CP initially moved into another A formation, although this did include some gaps. The Help Force efficiently executed a V formation, with an underline, which saw them claim their position in the room. However, it was still close with both armies having similar sizes and performing tactics at a similar pace.

Help Force and Army of CP battle for victory in the final room, Stadium.

As there is yet to be a fully established judging system in place, and the armies did not opt for mutually agreed judging in this battle, there was no official victor. This, however, was an incredibly close battle and neither army claimed victory in what was only a friendly practice battle. They can both be proud of their efforts in what was a hotly contested battle, effectively ended in a stalemate between the third and fourth ranked armies on the Top Ten.

What do YOU think about this battle? Which army would have come out victorious, who can kick on from this battle? Let us know what YOUR opinion is.


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  1. Superhero123 February 23, 2021 (5:42 pm)

    Can’t believe we got a bunks post that early into 2021!

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