Moses Promoted to Water Vikings Leader

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Recently, the Water Vikings have inaugurated yet another troop to the mantle of Viking Commander. This troop is Moses106, a troop of the Vikings for a very long time. Where has he come from, and what are his plans for the army?

On February 10th, 2021, Moses106 has been promoted to a Leader within the Water Vikings. He started off his army career in the Vikings themselves and has shown extreme loyalty, as he stuck with the Vikings since he was recruited by Zakster in 2010. He was a troop of every generation and continued to change the army for the better, no matter what rank he was. His dedication to the army certainly played a huge part in his promotion. Not only is he now in the “Hall of Fame” category of the Water Vikings, but also in the “Greatest Troops” as well. He was the Water Vikings’ first-ever troop, and his promotion to leader finally, could mean nothing but good things for the army.

Moses, the Loyal Viking, in the Hall of Fame

Fortunately, CP Army Headquarters was able to interview Moses. Let’s see what he has to say!

Interview with Moses106, Water Vikings Commander

CP Army HQ: Were you expecting to earn the rank of leader soon or was this promotion a surprise?

Moses: Honestly, since I’ve been in this army for ten years, I was hoping it would come soon but wasn’t sure that it was going to. Glad to say that the CP Army record held by myself (longest time in an army without becoming leader) has finally come to an end. This record will probably never be broken and no this is not a flex

CP Army HQ: What are your goals for the Vikings?

Moses: My goals for Water Vikings is to continue the standard that I have seen over the past decade and to unleash what we are truly capable of. Keeping activity, winning battles, but most importantly, making the Water Vikings feel like a warm, welcoming, and safe community for all of our wonderful members.

CP Army HQ: As a very old troop of the Water Vikings, do you expect this generation to rise or fall in the short-term?

Moses:  I think this is a very strange time that we can certainly capitalize on. I believe we have the leadership to take advantage of the cards that we have been given, so I think that we will be able to rise in the short-term. It’s a matter of keeping that momentum and carrying it onto the long term.

CP Army HQ: Do you have anything else to add?

Moses: Water Vikings has been such an amazing place to me for such a long time, a community that I have called home for over a decade now. As a leader, I hope to reflect that onto others and make WV feel like home for everyone else as well. Let’s do this.


As one of the oldest troops in armies, Moses must have a lot of experience in battles, as well as recruiting. As a leader now, he can utilize those skills and bring about a new change in Water Vikings. He is clearly one of the most loyal troops in armies as well, so the army can surely count on him bringing home new wins for the Vikings. Moses also believes that the army can rise in the short-term and the long-term, indicating he has many goals of his own, that he will work on with the other leaders to serve the army.


What do YOU think? Do YOU think that Moses can excel not only as a troop but as a leader too? Do YOU think that Moses can bring upon a new era of Water Vikings domination? Make sure to comment below!


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