F6sixer and elexonck Inducted as Rebel Penguin Federation Commanders

KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters – F6sixer and Elexonck, two of the Rebel Penguin Federation’s most renowned and established HCOM, have been promoted to Rebel Commander following the army transitioning over to CP Rewritten’s HTML5 client, thus igniting a new era within the army. What do these two have planned for the future of this marvelous army?

Elexonck joined the Rebel Penguin Federation in 2018 and has remained there ever since – she started as a Private, which is the lowest rank in the army. Elexonck has been extremely loyal to the RPF ever since joining in 2018, she worked her way up the ranks and eventually got promoted to Third in Command in late 2019. After over a year of even more outright dedication and undeniable loyalty, Elexonck has managed to obtain the leadership rank. The hard work and persistence Elexonck has brought into the RPF is evident and nothing short of astounding. She has consistently dedicated herself to the army and is now reaping the rewards of doing so.

F6Sixer enrolled in the Rebel Penguin Federation in March of 2019, consequently joining the Club Penguin Army community. Similarly to Elexonck, F6sixer stayed remarkably loyal to the RPF, fulfilling all of his duties and climbing up the ranks. Only six months after initially joining, F6sixer was promoted to Third In Command. The promotion was a result of pure and utter devotion, as well as an undeniable showing of leadership skills. This level of dedication was only continued and improved upon going into and throughout 2020, and as a result of that, he has now deservedly been promoted to Rebel Commander.

Cosmo announcing the promotion of both Elexonck and F6sixer. Click to enlarge.

Following the promotion of both Elexonck and F6sixer on February 12th, the Rebel Penguin Federation has had three events, maxing up to 52 penguins –  it’s safe to say the pair are getting off to a fantastic start.

The Rebel Penguin Federation maxing 52 in their “Operation: Roses are Red” event. Click to enlarge.

Both Elexonck and F6sixer are undoubtedly deserving of their promotions, but it begs the question: What plans do they have for the future of this grand army? CPA Headquarters managed to snatch an interview with both newly crowned commanders.


Interview with Elexonck and F6sixer

CPArmyHQ: How do you feel about being promoted to Rebel Commander? Has it come as a shock?

Elexonck: I feel great, I’m really thankful for the opportunity overall and looking forward to the future. While it wasn’t a massive shock, as I have been liaising with Cosmo as well as some of our Advisors for a while, I didn’t expect it to happen just this evening.

F6sixer: I feel humbled that I’ve been given an opportunity to lead one of the greatest armies of all time. I also feel a great sense of responsibility and gratitude to all those who’ve helped, guided, and supported me throughout my time at RPF. It was surprising, to be honest, and it took me a min to figure out why I was being pinged so much.

CPArmyHQ: Do you have any new things that you’d like to implement into the RPF?

Elexonck: RPF has been massively successful in recent times, with our tournament wins and many weeks atop the Top Ten last year. I’d like to work at keeping that trend of success into the coming months and take a look at different ways Cosmo, F6, and I can do that.

F6sixer: I’d like to keep RPF’s streak as the #1 army going for as long as I can and I’ll devote my time and energy to that end.

CPArmyHQ: How do you feel about your fellow leadership?

Elexonck: Cosmo has been a valued friend and mentor to me for the longest time. F6 has also always been a really great, helpful, and close friend of mine during all our time in staff together. We have always worked well together and I think we make a very strong leadership team.

F6sixer: I don’t think it could’ve been better. Cosmo and Elex are highly experienced and I’m eager to get working with them and the rest of HCOM as a leader of the RPF.

CPArmyHQ: Finally, what are your plans for the RPF going into the future?

Elexonck: I want to give my all to keeping RPF the successful, first-rate army it has shown itself to be.

F6sixer: My main focus will be on our continued growth and safety of our members. I also hope to lead RPF to many more victories.

Both Elexonck and F6sixer are discernibly grateful for their promotions and have high hopes for the army. They will, without a doubt, have a major effect on the army as a whole, and will most likely be involved in some crucial decision-making as leaders. Over the last few years, the Rebel Penguin Federation has assuredly been one of, if not the most prominent army; they have topped the Top Ten on multiple occasions, and going off of the experience of both Elexonck and F6sixer, it seems like the tradition will be continued.

What do YOU think? Will Elexonck and F6sixer bring RPF to even greater heights? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


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